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          training in Thailand's factories. We have the answer & provide the Training and facilities to overt accidents & sustain a better working environment for employees & employers !

Our target market:

To train & facilitate safe work place practices in Thailand  & world wide companies, factories and corporations that have multiple employees whether on the oil fields or in factories.


Safety Officer Training Proposal

Process for Facilitating Learning in Thai Industry

Strategic Plan

LIS proposes that 4 persons, backed by international expertise and assisted by members of the steering committee for safety, take one month to do a strategic plan / needs analysis for the top two (2) of four (4) levels of training in total:

bullet Executive
bullet Manager / Supervisor

Start-up services in this submission involve establishing a model for life-long learning support through Intranet, Internet and interactive multimedia (IMM) technology. This service will expand since each organization must develop an operational model and culture suited to its needs. LISís role will be to provide the systems and support that leads to a culture of continuous improvement for each participating company. 

Pilot Project


to complete the pilot project would be approximately 1 year. A preliminary activity list would include the following:

Develop an issues and actions template and database for 5 key types of Thai plants and factories;

Develop a profiling template and a database of each participant, based on the needs analysis;

Develop a duties and responsibilities template and database; and

                                        Develop an induction template for developing awareness of the issues and actions relating to safety for each individual in the work place.


Overview of e-Learning Model & Services

LIS will develop an e-learning training model (computer based, interactive multimedia), whereby, the training will be embodied in a system that creates improved safety awareness. Once the pilot and full-scale projects for safety are successfully completed, the model could be expanded to address a broader scope for change, namely, the combined attitudinal issues - Health, Environment, Safety and Quality (HESQ).

One aim of this commercial model is for each company to be self-sustaining through a compensation and reward system that reflects the total contribution of safety educational and training programs to the company

Taking current computer web-based platforms, the Internet and satellite technology, and combining television quality media, LIS proposes to develop a product that provides virtual learning services for safety training.

To be economically sustainable, these services must fit seamlessly into the daily operation of companies (business, government agency, non-government organizations, academic institutions, corporations, etc.) without adding new costs to products and/or services.

Working with the franchisers or licensors of the following products, localizing them (adapting to Thai language and culture) LIS will incorporate them in the e-learning model and later introduce them to companies in an operating mode relevant to their needs:

bullet Southrock e-learning, software for knowledge management facilitation management and learning labs (VLL centers);
bullet Acquired Intelligence Inc (AII) - expert systems technology;
bullet Induction and Best practices Ė ISO and Health, Environment, Safety and Quality training.
bullet Learning Management Systems and TRACESS;


Plans are to design, test, and facilitate the program and services in the pilot project, and later provide these services as learning center portals to companies. The full-scale project would include all training levels and commence a nation-wide training program once the expanded model was developed and approved. Development, however, would be on-going as change continued to impact Thai industry. For each company (institution or business) the model would be as be as self-sustaining as possible.

The role of self-sustaining web-based training will provide the following features:


bullet Provide initial needs analysis and on-going analytical expertise
bullet Collect and exchange practical information relating to safety
bullet Develop safety training plan and update on a collective and factory basis
bullet Keep track of what has been learned

Coordinate an individual plan of action for each trainee


Establish and provide feedback in the form of a positive and negative reward system, including activity tracking and competency testing. The learning language would depend on the profile of the individual (Thai or English). English would be the primary language during development. Most of the communications would be around interactions and pictures. This would be designed during the pilot project that would show model facilitation in both Thai and English.


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