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           Training in Thailand factories. We have the answer & provide the Training and facilities to overt accidents & sustain a better working environment for employees & employers !

Our target market:

To train & facilitate safe work place practices in Thailand  & world wide companies, factories and corporations that have multiple employees.

Safety Officer Training Proposal

Process for Facilitating Learning in Thai Industry


Safety Officer Training

LIS (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Qualification

LIS’s (Learning Information Systems) first role is to collaborate with providers of safety training content, organizational change management expertise, and on-line technology for communications and web interactivity. Secondly, it would act as a commercial vehicle to deliver a defined on-line learning product to the Thai community (corporate and institutional).

LIS executives are experienced with working in the Thai educational and business culture. A UNDCP computer based training program for customs and police on drug control has just been finished in 7 languages and is hailed by the United Nations as being one of their most successful training projects. This training was built in Chiang Mai for around 40 million baht.Our goal will be to combine information management and web technology with safety training and cultural change to achieve performance improvement.

This is a proposal for LIS and others to develop, a competency-based safety training system on the Internet.The conceptual system for learning is that it be Just-In-Time, life long, individualized, and experiential. This learning system, in addition to meeting these goals, will also build wisdom into the work place by contributing to the intrinsic learning experience of the user.

Team and Management Structure

LIS Thailand Co., Ltd – Wayne Needaba,

Business & Project Administration - Khun Supaporn Poonsermlarp

WebTechnology Facilitation – BADco Asia, Market Edge Asia Ltd and Southrock

IMM Product Design & Translation – Thai Media Productions, Chiang Mai

Safety Development – MPL, Australia

AsiaTradingOnline ; Asia Trading Post Co Ltd--- Tama Ruru fire safety, website & Training facilities

Team leaders providing support for the strategic plan would be along the following lines:

Team Leader - Brian Lee (supported by Henry Castiel) – strategies for learning technology and accountability.
Facilitation / local administration - Khun Supaporn (supported by Tom Livingston, Winning Edge, Bob Stor and Gerald Stinemeyer with MPL
Database Management - Khun Supachart (supported by Market Edge Asia Ltd and Southrock)
Hardware and Communications - Khun Sunantha (supported by OSCM-Ltd)

Wayne A. Needoba - LIS Managing Director

Wayne Needoba has over 40 years experience working internationally with upstream oil and gas exploration and development projects. Of this, 30 years are directly related to performance in developing countries where multi national cultures carry out the desired, often complex, operations.  In all cases the goal was to minimize and mitigate any loss control yet empower individuals to work as a cohesive team.  Mr. Needoba had a 100% success rate in all these activities where his deployment strategies were fully utilized.

Through this experience and investment, a strategic plans for enhancing human performance has been created and is offered through LIS Thailand Co., Ltd (Learning Information Systems). Wayne is directly involved with the assessment of the BP Blowout in Gulf of Mexico and also making a proposal to do assessment work in Malaysia which I attach key would be services that LIS Thailand has done with UN  re induction and also I have accreditation as an A1 Level Assessor of oil and gas workers in UK ...SQV...  Linking all the awareness and competence building on a direct marketing infrastructure

LIS Thailand Co., Ltd. is now positioned to provide a tool that will build systems thinking in any organization or community.  The power is in encapsulating the care issues of decision making through every persons culture and language.  The versatility of the digital and web technology allows for the enhancing of human performance to be one on one.  The strategy develop encapsulates the care issues of HESQ (Health, Environment, Safety, and Quality) with time and money through two awareness tools.  One is Induction, the second is RECCALL (Responsibility Centred Computer Aided Lifelong Learning).

Using the capability of digital technology to capture the emotional characteristics of humanity, the process of learning (acquisition of wisdom) can be accelerated and allow every business and community to maintain sustainable profit and community harmony on a social and physical environmental level.

All systems can be made fully sustainable using approximately 40% of the additional wealth they create to each organizations.

LIS Thailand Co., Ltd. looks forward to build a one on one relationship with all businesses, government and NGO, that will lead to a holistic lifestyle for every community.

Wayne A Needoba <>




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