Thailand shipping and freight movers worldwide. We send anything from personal to cars, trucks, roll on roll off, FCL 20-40ft high cube containers anywhere dealing with foreign clients worldwide: clothes, garments to machinery to cars-- logistics services (Door to Door/ Port to Port) We process all the paperwork- Air freight services- Sea freight services--same day quotes- Depots in Pratunam, Rama4 & Chiangmai with own packing, fumigation inhouse, storage. EXPORT ONLY:    email us info to


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Complete Import and Export services --- the world wide freight forwarder . Due to many requests we now offer outside exporters, companies and individuals who want to buy products in Asia our complete export buyer agent service. What we do for you: Packing, Shipping, Moving, Storage, By Land, Sea Freight, Air Freight & ultra Low Rates  


Travelling to Thailand we can arrange your whole Business & pleasure itinerary. Free pickup & delivery to your Hotel/Condo of your choice & price range. We also can recommend Hotel for at the price you want to pay. Free list of factories, you can arrange the visits to the factories on your own or we can arrange the visits for you. We negotiate on your behalf and provide translation services.  Whatever your requests while in Thailand we will assist you. We have no hidden costs are trustworthy and we are here to serve your interests. A complete honest and safe service. Why? because we want your ongoing business. 



If you email us for certain products we quote you complete costs to the nearest Port of Entry (if sea freight) min 1cbm or Airport if Air Freight in 45kgs. If door to door we need a freight clearance agent at your destination port which we can find or you find. We charge a set fee and all first customers must pay on acceptance of our agreement. We do all the buying for you and QUALITY CONTROL right to the ship and close the container, oversee all your shipment & make sure all documents are DHL or FedEx direct to your door. On FCL (full container levels) we have our own containers. What's more we even offer you FREE advice on how to clear your goods without you having to use a clearance agent in your country. In other words we save you time and money as you are assured of a reliable, trustworthy and ongoing service using our services. Always ask your CUSTOMS DEPT in your country for classification duties and tax requirements on the goods you want to import.  Thailand has quotas too on coffee and rice. 





Self Storage is a convenient and inexpensive way to store your goods safely in Thailand with professional foreign based and owned company. We offer both personal and business users storage solutions ,whether it is for personal effects, valuables, furniture, documents, business records, end of year financial records, trades equipment, excess/out of season stock, samples for company reps, cars, boats, etc.
We also have our own shipping business and can consign your goods anywhere in Thailand or worldwide at your leasure or allow you to park your container or shipment with us and consign your goods from what you purchase in Thailand to our facilities for shipment..
We have facilities in Bangkok Thailand.
-- choose the amount of space (m3) you need --
-- choose the length of time you store --
-- only pay for the space you need --Friendly, helpful staff who will give advice on all storage needs, free estimates, assist you to find removal, freight, and insurance---------7 day access, 365 days of the year, from 6am to 10pm 

Things to remember when choosing a self storage facility.


Approx costs: per day = 45 baht per cbm

Rate per month per cbm = 4000 baht

Trucking: 3 men to load a 6 wheeler = 1000 baht

Pickup 1 to 2 men = 500 baht. In Bangkok no charge

Charges for transport quoted: eg. Bangkok 6 wheeler =2500 baht, Pickup = 1000baht.

Charges for transport quoted: eg. Pattaya 6 wheeler =4500 baht, Pickup = 2500baht.

Charges for transport from Chiangmai Pickup: 4500 baht full pickup load includes loading.

We do not store perishables and please have full Packing list of what you want stored

bullet What security does the complex have to offer?
bullet When can you access your unit and their office?
bullet What size units do they have to offer?
bullet Are the contents of your units visible to anyone else?
bullet What are they constructed of?
bullet What type of pest control if any, do they offer?
bullet What has to be paid up front? What do you get for that?
bullet How much notice do you have to give?
bullet Do they offer any vehicle or trailers to aid with shifting?

COSTS TO STORE: are roughly 175 baht per cbm per week.
Cars 50 baht per day;  300 baht per week; 1000baht per month;  5000 baht per 6 months; 1year = 9000 baht. Includes cover for car; battery charged; cleaned & wheels turned; clutch engaged to prevent sealing up.

We have the capacity to maintain both long term and short-term storage. The emphasis on long-term storage is on the containerisation of all consignments into 20ft (6.5 metres) ISO containers. The benefit is maximum security and protection. We do not accept perishables and items that might sweat as we only have steel containers at this stage. No refrigerated. Can offer pickup service as well.

Locating Self Storage
One of the distinct advantage of Self Storage over Removalist Storage is that you always control access to your furniture Another advantage is that most Self Storage facilities are open 7 days a week, and some allow you or your removalist, access 24 hours a day
One of the distinct advantage of Self Storage over Removalist Storage is that you always control access to your furniture. Another advantage is that most Self Storage facilities are open 7 days a week, and some allow you or your removalist, access 24 hours a day. Helpful Staff Accessible 7 days a week Close to your final destination Opening Hours Security Removalist Friendly



bullet Truck & courtesy trailer to move your goods into storage (conditions apply)
bullet Excellent Thai team with foreign superviser
bullet State-of-the-art pin code security & 24 hour back to base alarm monitoring
bullet Smoke detection system
bullet Full range of packing materials
bullet On-the-spot self storage insurance
bullet Parcel receiving & dispatch service
bullet Excellent undercover loading dock facilities suitable for small cars through to containers
bullet Easy access to your goods 7 days a week
bullet All sizes catered for from one square metre upwards
bullet We specialize in both commercial & domestic storage.

Ocean Full Container Load Port To Port & LCL any quantity of goods.
Shipping Lines we select offer reliable sailing dates with just transit times at competitive rates.
Services include :
Scheduling appropriate sailing date
Seal container ready for ocean transportation
Prepare export declaration for our customer & arrange DHL direct to you.
Deliver container to port of exit
Container is Ocean freighted to destination port
In addition to all the cautious steps we take for your shipment, we also provide full coverage insurance from first rate companies if wanted.

We can book your container for a specific date
Complete packaging service & quality control
Wood crate items as well
Label and count number of pieces with invoices
Load items into container securing for a secure anti-friction transit

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you. Remember the more goods you order the cheaper it is for you.  Costs fluctuate ONLY according to the baht value at the time. We can handle single items as well by Fed-Ex.

Key Benefits using OUR SERVICES:

bulletForeign & Thai owned ensures honesty and continuity.
bulletOur commission rates depend on product but are very competitive
bulletAny additional costs following quote we pay
bulletWe give you details on how to clear your own customs, agriculture etc in your country to save you even more costs.
bulletAll customers must pay in full once contract accepted TT TRANSFER OR L OF C.. 
bulletAll samples sent must be paid for before posted.
bulletWe are registered Thailand Exporters.

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bulletLocal services in Thailand = pick up, packing, export formalities
bulletInternational services = air- or ocean freight from Thailand to the buyer’s nearest port or airport
bulletDomestic services at destination = import customs formalities, delivery to door
bulletMiscellaneous services = fumigation, paperwork, transport insurance, etc.


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20ft standard 20' x 8 x 8.6" Cubic Capacity 33.2m2  or 1172ft

Weight Max Payload Max Gross Weight Internal length Internal Width Internal Height
2300 kgs 28180 kgs 30480 kg 5898mm 2352mm 2393 mm
5070 lb 62130 lb 67200 lb 19'4" 7'9" 7'10"

40ft standard 40' x 8 x 8.6" Cubic Capacity 67.7m2  or 2390ft

Weight Max Payload Max Gross Weight Internal length Internal Width Internal Height
3750 kgs 28750 kgs 32500 kg 12032mm 2352mm 2393 mm
8265 lb 63385 lb 71650 lb 39'6" 7'9" 7'10"

40ft high cube 40' x 8 x 9.6" Cubic Capacity 76.4m2  or 2700ft

Weight Max Payload Max Gross Weight Internal length Internal Width Internal Height
3940 kgs 28560 kgs 32500 kg 12032mm 2352mm 2698 mm
8685 lb 62965 lb 71650 lb 39'6" 7'9" 8'10"

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We RE- quote ONLY  LCL or FCL containers to any Country from Bangkok / ChiangMai 

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