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bringing to you up to date reports on bad Security, shocking intelligence reports and negligence by Business, Armoured freight companies, & Governments around the world.

Aviation security was again lax at Heathrow Airport after two major robberies in supposedly secure parts of Heathrow. CCTV cameras in parts of the airport were worse than some high streets. Mr Venness, head of Specialist Operations at Scotland Yard said  it was wrong to distinguish between non-terrorist crime and terrorism, because a weakness in one security area showed a weakness in another. On 11 February thieves made off with $6m ฃ4.6m in foreign cash at Terminal Four after raiding a British Airways security van in a secure zone "airside".Millions of dollars in cash was taken in a security van raid at the airport on Tuesday, which followed the February robbery. It is thought both heists were inside jobs with the raiders using legitimate security passes. In the latest raid $3.2m (ฃ2.25m) was being transferred to a van after arriving on a South African Airlines flight from Johannesburg. Two men forced the driver to drive at knifepoint to nearby Cranford where the money was transferred to another van.

  The first heist of millions in cash was a well planned operation. While security experts at Heathrow are reeling from yet another massive robbery at Europe's busiest airport, they are still investigating how the first such incident this year took place.

At least two men were involved in the heist. They held up a van in a supposedly secure area near Terminal Four and then escaped in another vehicle which bore the livery of British Airways. The money had arrived at Heathrow from Bahrain and was ultimately bound for New York's JFK Airport. What made the robbery stand out was that it took place in an "airside" area - the super-secure zone of an airport which separates the aircraft from the public areas.

The 35-year-old driver of the security van was forced from his vehicle by the robbers who threw him to the ground and bound his wrists. They then transferred 8 red cargo cash boxes containing the currency into another similar British Airways van before driving undetected from the airport. The robbery only took a few minutes and the gang apparently left the airport undetected. The van was later found abandoned and burnt out in Feltham, Middlesex, two miles away. Police said there was no trace of the money or the robbers. No firearms were seen in use during the robbery.

Gold bullio

The largest raid at the airport was the ฃ26m Brinks Mat heist which remains Britain's biggest ever robbery.The gang who seized the haul of gold bullion from the high security warehouse in 1983 were brought to justice but much of the gold has never been recovered. That was an inside job yet nothing has been learn't nearly 20 years later?


1/. Why were their no tracking devices in the Armoured Vans?

2/. Why was their no open full communication between Van & HQ during dropoff/upload time?

3/. Why was the security so lax with no camera at the crucial point of loading?

4/. Why was there no auto cutoff of the van ignition or shutdown system whereby if the van is moving the ignition would cease after 2 minutes? Therefore no incapacity buttons .

5/. Why were the money boxes/ bags coins etc not marked or bugged?

6/. Why has this & other companies kept to familiar routines that was easy to crack?


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