Travelling to Thailand we can arrange your whole Business & pleasure itinerary. Free pickup & delivery to your Hotel/Condo of your choice & price range. Free list of factories, you can arrange the visits to the factories on your own or we can arrange the visits for you. We negotiate on your behalf and provide translation services. We can arrange for sight seeing of the best of Northern or Southern Thailand to make your visit more comfortable, relaxing & get to know us. You travel by air-con mini bus with full bar facilities. Whatever your requests while in Thailand we will assist you. We have no hidden costs are trustworthy and we are here to serve your interests. A complete honest and safe service. Why? because we want your ongoing business.


If you email us for certain products we quote you complete costs to the nearest Port of Entry (if sea freight) or Airport if Air Freight. We charge a set fee and all first customers must pay on acceptance of our agreement. We do all the buying for you and QUALITY CONTROL right to the ship and close the container, oversee all your shipment & make sure all documents are DHL or FedEx direct to your door. What's more we even offer you FREE advice on how to clear your goods without you having to use a clearance agent in your country. In other words we save you time and money as you are assured of a reliable, trustworthy and ongoing service using our services. Always ask your CUSTOMS DEPT in your country for classification duties and tax requirements on the goods you want to import. PLEASE NOTE MANY COUNTRIES HAVE TARIFFS & YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF THESE BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK TO IMPORTING. e.g. USA has a quota on clothing. All EU countries have quotas on textiles and clothing which you must add on to the cost. South Africa charge: 40% import duties and 14% VAT (sales tax) but no quota on the amount you can import of clothing. Remember also the more you export the cheaper it is. When you pay for items worth say 5000 baht you may find the shipping is double.


We pick up the goods, pack all the goods to keep them safe while in transport. We provide all documents needed to clear customs from Thailand and into your port of destination (packing lists, invoices, bill of laden, certificate of origin, fumigation reports,). We assist you in clearing into your destination port and give you advice on bringing the goods into your warehouse.

What we do for Shipping:

International Freight Forwarde------Shipping & Packing------By Air or Sea Freight. Free advice on best way to ship------Door to Door service-------Customs clearing. Preparation of all documents------Transportation/Inland


Tariff and Tax Information

Duty and Tax Calculation Methods: Not related to any country in particular below 


There's normally 2 accepted methods for calculating duty rates: CIF and FOB. Most countries use the CIF method. Some exceptions may apply. VAT (Value Added Taxes) are generally applied on the CIF or FOB + Duty value. For questions about duty and tax calculation call 1-800-USA-TRAD(E) for USA customers.

CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) A pricing term indicating that the cost of goods, insurance, and freight are included in the quoted price. Duty is calculated by adding all costs together eg.

Invoice Value
Insurance Paid
Freight Paid
Total CIF Value
Duty Rate = 7%
Duty Charge
Total CIF+Duty Value
VAT = 18%
VAT Tax Charge
x .07
x .18


 FOB (Free on Board Where cost of the goods, including all transportation and insurance costs from the manufacturer to the port of departure, as well as the costs of loading the vessel.  FOB applies only to shipments via sea or inland waterway transport. FOB generally applies to the commercial invoice value and does not include the cost of shipping and insurance

FOB Value
Duty Rate = 7%
Duty Charge
Total FOB + Duty Value
VAT = 18%
VAT Tax Charge
x .07

+ $65.24
x .18


Gift Exemptions:

The following countries/economies allow gifts to enter the country duty free if the value of the gift is below a certain value. Above the stated value, import duty and taxes are applied.
Australia: Zero duty and taxes applied if the value of the gift is less than $150.
Bolivia: Zero duty and taxes applied if the value of the gift is less than $100.
Canada: Zero duty and taxes applied if the value of the gift is less than $48.
Chile: Zero duty and taxes applied if the value of the gift is less than $600.
European Union Countries: Zero duty and taxes applied if the value of the gift is less than $100.(Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom).
Hong Kong: No gift tax is applied.
Mexico: Zero duty and taxes applied if the value of the gift is less than $300 if hand carried by air, and less than $50 if hand carried by land. Otherwise, all gifts are taxable starting at $1.
Namibia: Zero duty and taxes applied if the value of the gift is less than $400.
South Africa: No gift tax is applied if the value is less than R400. Each resident may only receive two gifts per year. 

[ More info go to: http://export.gov/tic ]


Here are some helpful terms that you may need to know:


We send either DHL or FedEx in 3 days right to your door or air freight what ever you want. Again just ask us. Please note airfreight charges e.g. to Australia we an export to you 48 kilos minimum volume by weight approx. 250 T shirts 75 baht per kilo & 1500 baht handling and packing charges. However to say South Africa the rate is approx. 140 baht per kilo. Due to the baht fluctuation at the moment these figures change often and enclosed is for reference purposes only.


LCL = LOOSE CONTAINER LOAD: This term is used when you the customer wishes to send a lesser amount than a Full Container Load. We can send a LCL anytime our customers wish, especially those times when the stock gets low on the best seller but yet the rest of the stock has the high inventory. Don’t worry give us a call we can ship out right away and get you back up on your feet without having to send a full container.

FCL = FULL CONTAINER LOAD: This term is used when you the customer wishes to send a Full Container Load. There are 20’ or 40’ containers available and sometimes without any additional charges depending on the freight line a customer can use a high cube. High cube means the container is just a little higher and gives you the customer more room without having to book a extra container.


Our fees are based depending on quantity and place we must source eg. Laos, Cambodia, China we will incur additional travel/fax & telephone costs. As each shipment is different we can only quote costs once we know what a customer wants. For ongoing services we can arrange Letter of Credit and other credit lines. Remember we will source anywhere in Asia for the products you want and our rates are excellent. The longer you stay with us the cheaper it gets but please don't waste your time ordering 50 Polo shirts as the cost of shipping far outweighs the price paid. Try for min 1cbm LCL. We can ship single items by Fed-Ex or Air Shipment but like stated above the cost usually out ways the cost of the item but then again it still may be cheaper than getting in your own country.

As we ship often from Chiangmai many customers want fabric, hemp, clothing etc and wood products to concrete, tiles, terracotta etc. Insurance is extra but you can insure yourself to cover the travel time between ports which can be better for you should you have a problem, like ship sinking, damage at the port which we have no control of and nor do you as a customer unless you have insurance. Our insurance is international and claiming is universal, so you will be able to claim should there ever be a problem.

Ocean Full Container Load Port To Port & LCL any quantity of goods.
Shipping Lines we select offer reliable sailing dates with just transit times at competitive rates.
Services include :
Scheduling appropriate sailing date
Seal container ready for ocean transportation
Prepare export declaration for our customer & arrange DHL direct to you.
Deliver container to port of exit
Container is Ocean freighted to destination port
In addition to all the cautious steps we take for your shipment, we also provide full coverage insurance from first rate companies if wanted.

We can book your container for a specific date
Complete packaging service
Wood crate items as well
Label and count number of pieces
Load items into container securing for a secure anti-friction transit

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you. Remember the more goods you order the cheaper it is for you.

Costs fluctuate ONLY according to the baht value at the time. We can handle single items as well by Fed-Ex.

Key Benefits using OUR SERVICES:

Foreign & Thai owned ensures honesty and continuity.
Our commission rates depend on product but are very competitive
Any additional costs following quote we pay
We give you details on how to clear your own customs, agriculture etc in your country to save you even more costs.
All customers must pay in full once contract accepted TT TRANSFER OR L OF C.. 
All samples sent must be paid for before posted.



Local services in Thailand = pick up, packing, export formalities
International services = air- or ocean freight from Thailand to the buyer’s nearest port or airport
Domestic services at destination = import customs formalities, delivery to door
Miscellaneous services = fumigation, paperwork, transport insurance, etc.

 We offer door-to-door services to any country/city in the world. Payment MUST BE in advance.  As far as ocean and air tariffs concerned, we have an airfreight tariff in our computer system that covers most bigger cities in the world. Equally we have seafreight tariffs covering most ports/cities. Please note:- air and shipping lines are changing their tariffs frequently. Seafreight to the U.S.A. all rates are commodity related. 


a) air- or seafreight

b) if seafreight LCL or FCL 

c) commodity

d) Other info like number of packages, weight, dimensions per package, volume, value of goods

If shipping from countries other than Thailand we can handle that as well. We handle a lot of so called cross trade shipments. Cross trade shipments are shipments that go from one country to another without touching the home base, in this case Thailand. 



20ft standard 20' x 8 x 8.6" Cubic Capacity 33.2m2  or 1172ft

Weight Max Payload Max Gross Weight Internal length Internal Width Internal Height
2300 kgs 28180 kgs 30480 kg 5898mm 2352mm 2393 mm
5070 lb 62130 lb 67200 lb 19'4" 7'9" 7'10"

40ft standard 40' x 8 x 8.6" Cubic Capacity 67.7m2  or 2390ft

Weight Max Payload Max Gross Weight Internal length Internal Width Internal Height
3750 kgs 28750 kgs 32500 kg 12032mm 2352mm 2393 mm
8265 lb 63385 lb 71650 lb 39'6" 7'9" 7'10"

40ft high cube 40' x 8 x 9.6" Cubic Capacity 76.4m2  or 2700ft

Weight Max Payload Max Gross Weight Internal length Internal Width Internal Height
3940 kgs 28560 kgs 32500 kg 12032mm 2352mm 2698 mm
8685 lb 62965 lb 71650 lb 39'6" 7'9" 8'10"

Distrubution/Warehousing  We are located in Southern California,our facility is 12000 sq ft of warehouse space with two loading docks, and 22000 sq ft of outside storage space for cargo containers. We offer the following services;(1)We can receive your products. (2)Warehouse your products. (3)We can do inventory Control. (4)We can Package and ship your products to their destination. If you are interested in our services please email Willie precisionparts2000@yahoo.com 




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