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          in the workplace: from Oil Platforms to Deep Well drilling

worldwide we can help you.

 FROM in the workplace: from Oil Platforms to factories all around the world we 
have the answer 
 From oil and gas platforms to factories in developing 
countries, we build organisational security through recognition of "issues 
and actions" for health, environment, safety and quality

A new solution to commercial sustainability is evolving. Global awareness relating to the detrimental effects of poor relatedness to the issues of health, environment, safety and quality (HESQ) in the work place, and a competitive economy is driving industry management to diligently address these issues before they consume anticipated profits. HESQ issues are prime factors for impacting the security of all industrial organisations. The commercial impact is two fold. The market forces that reduce sales and corporate value due to lost credibility, and the consequences of catastrophic accidents and ensuing legal issues when workers or society seek judicial retribution. However, there is a third factor not easily attributed to corporate profit that should be considered. Improved performance can be gained by associating these care issues with process outcomes by enhancing the wisdom of an organisation. This wisdom allows development of an organisation's creative and innovative skills, particularly where a team culture develops.

The issues of HESQ impact individual and organisational performance. Global news reports are illustrating that a holistic attitude in the work place leads to positive innovation and creativity in an organisation and impacts bottom line profits. There are many examples of the negative financial results through negligence, employee abuse towards regulatory and corporate best practises, and straight out theft from the work place.
Whether improper power generation emissions lead to health hazards in developing countries, whether law suits over asbestos poisoning in developed countries, or poor business practises are followed as recently highlighted by the failure of Enron, the consequences of ignoring best practises in the work place are becoming well known.

Global competition and low inflation is the new policeman. Reduced profit margins are making any over-investment or exploitation of a company or institution susceptible to financial collapse. This collapse impacts society in many ways, including social security and personal 
investments. Improper behaviour in the workplace, including bribery, inappropriate incentive payments and poor operating practises in relation to the issues of health, environment, safety and quality (HESQ) has such a significant impact on economic security, it leaves all companies and organisations with no choice but to facilitate a positive attitude into 
their work place.

Strategies to manage the change of organisational behaviour are becoming well known. It requires that workers and communities relate to deeds. By comparing planned vs actual performance and striving to achieve a zero loss control business strategy around the issues of HESQ, the risks of financial failure are greatly reduces. New technology opens the possibilities for using an evergreening, interactive multimedia database that allows for the 
development of desired behaviour within the business. Strategies include:
* profiling employees to match issues with their culture
* building awareness of the issues that lead to loss control
* building a knowledge management and job analysis system to optimise 
performance and
* incorporating an intrinsic reward system into the compensation plan

This creates a learning organisation where a team based culture provides sustainable profit security in industry. The decision required by industrial managers for enhancing performance 
through human development is one they may not familiar with. It requires the management of organisational behavioural change without adding to bottom line corporate costs. This creates the need for a new strategic process that can assist managers to achieve new corporate performance in a commercially sustainable way.
The industrial term for achieving this optimum working culture is Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM). This new culture relates to the issues of meeting the stated standards for Health, Environment, Safety & and Quality (workmanship).

The evidence for not complying is documented by companies who are going bankrupt due to violating best practises around attitudinal issues. Many believe it will never happen to them. Examples of companies who do not initiate good safety and environmental practices in mines are plentiful. They include:
* pollution from Iron ore ships in Northern Australia,
* lead mining pollution in Thailand,
* ocean pollution with cyanide by a gold mining company in Papua New Guinea
* oil industry accidents and spillages that had significant bottom line impacts due to loss of credibility and lower share prices, increased insurance rates and legal suits. The recent Petrobras incident where a floating drilling and production platform sank in the early stages of its production life joins many other high profile oil industry losses that distort the real value of the industry. It is also a time when deep well drilling will cause unprecedented environmental impacts due to the inefficiency of oil companies to plan ahead and be bale to work at such depths which would crush any submarine over 7000 meters etc.

This Brazilian rig went down off the coast of Macae, 190 km (120 miles) northeast of Rio de Janeiro, taking with it the bodies of nine oil workers trapped inside. The 40-storey platform, which had about 9,500 barrels (1.5 million litres) of oil on board, went down on Tuesday - five days after powerful blasts tore through it, killing 10 workers.( see pic below ) Dimensions: Rig 210m high (690ft)1.5m litres of oil on board Daily production: 84,000 barrels of oil, 1.3m cubic metres of gas. In operation for less than a year. Built in Italy, refitted in Canada. It endangered species of seabird. "The oil will be at the mercy of ocean currents as it rises to the surface". Petrobras said this would help disperse the slick, inflicting minimal environmental damage. Company officials say the quantity of oil involved is a fraction of other disasters. But Petrobras has in the past played down the amount of oil dumped in other spills? Petrobras says its fiscal 2001 earnings could be hurt by as much as $450m because of the disaster on the platform. The company's shares have lost 7.6% of their value since the explosions. In addition to the costs of lost output, Petrobras now face higher insurance costs.The sunken rig was insured for $500m and the accident caused panic in the insurance market. The company face fines of more than $70m for the oil and diesel leaking from the sunken structure, apart from compensation payments to the families of dead crew members and other related costs.

These companies try to play down or cover up these mishaps that affect people, land, animals & ecology. But sooner or later the inevitable will happen------disaster and law suits & finally bankruptcy. A heavy price to pay because one has lost track

"the societal collapse of standards and morality over the last three decades or so. As a society we seem increasingly incapable of sitting in judgment of each other." With the indictment and probable demise of Arthur Andersen LLP, perhaps it's a good time to check up on standards in the rest of society, in particular its supposedly high-minded quarters.

Why are accountancy firms like Arthur Anderson going bust. Basically because they have continued to remain using the old work strategies and allowing vision expectations to become lax. The old phenomenon of patting each other on the back for lucrative contracts living the high life that they think they are the best, without any care of making sure they maintain proper Company etiquite and adapting to a changed society. When a Company is on top they will just continue to work as normal without a care in the world-- this is dangerous as they never consider the following............

Global awareness consisting of 4 main avenues: Health, Environment, Quality, and safety. which eventually leads one to Intrinsic learning = wisdom and care.

PROFILING: Allowing us to make a dossier of your employees to collate the information highway to  provide companies with.

DEEDS: relating to the improvement of your workers and awareness of the employees in relation to their job, atitudes, attributes & environment but just as important knowing the

HAZARDS offering better understanding of the safety standards & what your employees are like and allowing you to be able to avoid disasters & future hazards that you and your company will be confronted with. By using our Company you receive ongoing news and services comparing global exchange with other Western Countries thus enabling you and your company to have the most up to date comparisons and information at your finger tips. We have the resources and the expertise in this field. Each month we will provide you with valuable information that your company can initiate within your corporate structure or test to see yes it will work? 

LARGE COMPANIES DO FACE BANKRUPTCY DUE TO MANAGEMENT GREED & NEGLIGENCE. These companies have forgotten about the simple factors facing their companies today. Gone are the days of consultants axing employees to safeguard their shareholders interests. Gone are the coverups that will come to life sooner or later. This is no longer acceptable. The real problem these companies face is Global Awareness. Don't leave it until it is too late? Ask us for help as we are the experts.

Whats more we have our Oil Company expert on hand to answer any of your questions.

Health and Safety Management in the workplace

What is our Aim:


To minimise financial losses for companies through negligence & avoiding unnecessary accidents, disasters and work related diseases, and in turn create global awareness of health and safety in the work place & environment.

Our Objectives

bulletencourage health and safety education in the workplaces from Oil companies to Gas companies to factories in Asia and around the world
bulletencourage the use of health and safety policies and proper procedures in the workplace.
bullethelp companies avoid the pitfalls of disasters that could lead to ultimate bankruptcy

Our Summary

Accident Causation & Prevention of disasters before they occur
Database of employees with profiles 
Ergonomics & Human Factors
Fire Safety, oil platform safety, blowout safety,
Health and Safety Management; Electrical/Mechanical Safety, Chemical Safety & Noise Control
Industrial Visits-yes we come to you to improve your Companies strategies
Legal Aspects for both Employers and Employees
Scope of Occupational Health and Safety
Supervision and leadership Skills & employer awareness
Waste Management
Welfare Services
Workmen's Compensation

Who we aim for: target

All companies: factories and corporations that have multiple employees. [ Read Pollution Court cases ]

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