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The Pattaya kitset specialist company of Thailand

  • Chaiyaphon Witti road (3240) Nong Prue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 Thailand

KABINWORKS at ground level:
With regards to the Kabinworks products, we of course cannot be so presumptive to suggest our product is better than anything else available in the market, what we can say with confidence is that we do have a starting base of simplicity, durable materials easy to transport and assemble by either one of our own teams or the buyers own team are able to confidently assemble easily and in a timely manner. We can supply if preferred by our customer, a highly trained and helpful staff person to be on site to give direction and help to speedily ensure installation on your site.

The real reason for our success to date is simplicity of both the materials we use as well as its assembly.Initially designed to compete in the market place is simplicity an ability to ship and construct under difficult conditions is key.

Our frames are designed to use industry standard panels 120 ×240 cm.This uniformity using same size panels for ceilings, walls and floor panels keeps manufacturing costs to a minimum, it also allows for damage repair to be undertaken anywhere in the world without specialist materials.

Our frames are mild steel tubular section. Wall panels are (SIPS) Structurally insulated panels, a laminate of cement board with a polystyrene core. Structurally strong,insulated and fire retarded. Roofing is Blue scope galvanized aluminum,guaranteed for 50yrs.Flooring is 15mmcement board,again fireproof.

As you can see there is nothing unique about the materials we use,and off course these are market standards.
What is unique is the way that our frames are jointed and how it allows us to build almost infinite structures.
We do have the access to and in many cases, use other upgraded materials to comply with customer requirements.
We do have a relationship with a highly qualified Soft Fabric building and Shelter manufacturer, also supplying high end Thermal soft fabric options. We work with you to ensure that your dealings with this company come under the same commitment as to our own commitment to ensure you are a 100% + satisfied customer with our products and service.

Why choose Kabinworks building products.

Price Promise, to give you our best pricing, you are guaranteed peace of mind when you choose KABINWORKS

The Kabinworks Process
Find out exactly what you can expect with KABINWORKS, from appointment through to installation.

Our History
We are proud to have been improving our building system, since Kabinworksstart in 2012, and our commitment to continue to do so.
Installation Speed
We work tirelessly so that, once you have chosen to trust Kabinworks with your needs, your product is supplied and delivered to site as quickly as possible.
Green Credentials
Through our products and practices, we take pride in our commitment to the environment.

KABINWORKS, in-house design and engineering department can provide plans as well as designs to offer exactly what our customer requires. Advice on materials, air conditioning or heating and ventilation requirements determined by location and expected weather conditions.

  • Standard Units.
    • Toilet blocks. Various sizes from 1 single facility up to 36sq meter units catering to mixed-use shower / toilet modules.
  • Office modules,outdoors, or constructed inside factory buildings
    • Construction site modules from 54 cubic meters to 90 cubic meter units of varying levels of luxury.
  • Construction to 3 story level
  • Canteen Modules.
  • Carports
  • Fencing for security or as aesthetic dividers
  • Kitchen units.
  • Storage units.
  • Shade areas for outside living and BBQ areas
  • Tiny Homes,contained living units​
  • Bungalows​
  • Hotel Bedroom units
  • Guard houses
  • Cube System

    KW 4bedroom, 2story home constructed from our modular cube system.

    From Tiny Homes to Luxurious larger homes, our modular cube system means cost savings without Quality compromise




Welcome to our NEW relocatable fully weather proof homes & containers made in Pattaya by our Australian company. Thailand. These solid steel construction ribbing /or aluminium sheeting/ able to withstand Category 1 & 3 all weather storms, cyclones and and we can make to your specifications. Can be moved via truck and ideal for mobile Offices, granny flats, jails, mobile offices, mobile shops, schools, apartment motels to anything you wish to imagine. We can incorporate any features you wish including storm steel shutters to windows; OR bullet proof for UN & field Offices for armies. Ideal disaster relief homes or plain living quarters. Each unit comes complete with full international approved electrical fittings; caravan type outside connection or with splitter box inside and each unit has a fully functional new air condition unit. The outside ribbing is made of toughened steel and these buildings are virtually maintenance free with low pitched roof. They can be moved in an instance by helicopter or truck & they can have any additions one wants. Totally robust and strong we can incorporate any fittings and fixtures you want

We can design for you earthquake & storm foundation specs for countries prone to cyclones etc. We can incorporate any features you wish including storm shutters for windows and doors.

We are looking for sales worldwide



YOUR DESIGNS OR OURS THESE ARE JUST SOME OF THE DESIGNS WE CAN MAKE [ See Cabins, sleepout, small offices ] [ See More of our Homes ] [ Modular containers ] [ Stacking packed containers ] [ 2 bedroom containers ] [ Office containers ]



[ Outsourcing Products in China & Thailand ]        




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