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NEW Mi-38


Click on picture to see videos of the Mi38

Mil Mi-38 will replace the Mi-8 and the Mi17 helicopters. These helicopters have set new records and an altitude record to 8,620 meters (28,280 feet) without a payload. They also have an excellent climbing rate climbing speed; the Mi-38 reach a height of 3,000 meters (9,843 feet) in around six minutes. It can carry one to 2 pilots and has seating for up to 30. The helicopter is offered with a choice of either Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127/TS turboshaft engines or the TV7-117V. The engines’ power shafts are in a forward position and are located behind the main gearbox, which will reduce the level of noise in the cabin. Its low noise levels, plus reduced flight preparation time, the very roomy passenger cabin, meeting new flight safety standards all open up broad operational opportunities for the Mi-38, including in VIP transport. This will make the Mi38 very popular in comparison to other medium helicopters. Certification will be complete at the end of 2015 for this helicopter. We are however taking orders for the Mi38 in standard configuration.

The Mi38 is a multi role helicopter. It has a six-bladed main rotor which gives it a high tractive force and low vibration. The blades are made of composite materials and equipped with an anti-icing system. The hub construction uses elastomeric bearings which do not require lubrication. 


The maximum takeoff weight of the Mi-38 helicopter is 15,6 tons and the maximum payload inside the cabin – 6 tons, maximum payload on an external sling - 7 tons. Cruise speed for the Mi38 is - 285 km/h. The helicopter’s range is 660 km (with a payload of 3 tons) and 420 km (with a payload of 5 tons). The helicopter’s range with external fuel tanks and a payload of 2,7 tons is 1200 km.


The LOI [ Letter of Intent ] must specify :

1/. Who your Company/website is with stamped/signed?

2/. That they or the parts are not destined to any terrorist org or 3rd country to Ukraine?

3/. Who/country will issue End user Certificate?

4/. Your requirements-total numbers, spares, upgrades, etc wanted

5/. PLEASE NOTE: Approx budget setting: most buyers of these helicopters will know what they want & their approx budget? This will be based on TTSN/ & Out-of-phase components. This is now important to receive a reply on requests for helicopters.

6/. If we can supply we will require a holding deposit before FULL information is given out. This is refunded if the sale is complete

7/. WE NO LONGER SUPPLY US or UK companies with HELI PARTS designated to these countries including some EU countries & all countries who have participated in sanctions against Russia.

8/. Wanting PARTS for helicopters please use spread sheet with part number; item; how many; etc. including the serial numbers of the helicopters. No action unless we have a proper parts setup & model of helicopter. We no longer sell for military applications



MAKS is an international airshow held at Zhukovsky International Airport,

the home of the Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovsky

2023 Aug. 19-24 at Ramenskoye Airfield just south of Moscow

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