You will be charged for changing TCs - but you will also be offered a higher rate (about 1 baht more). Cash gets you a lower rate than TCs - about 1 baht. There's no difference for bigger denominations, that only applies to US dollars (more for $100 bills). Bureaux de change offer a better rate than banks SO - shop around. Rates fluctuates hourly & it can be a good idea to only change money as you need to if the rate is low & change more if the rate is good. If  staying outside BKK it is always a good idea to change a bit more than enough before you leave BKK as rural rates are not so good but there's loads of ATM machines all over Thailand. Never change money with the hotel -  rates are worse than "on the street".



1/. Use the meter in a  taxi. If not on then tell the driver to turn it on. If you use a tuk tuk negotiate the price first.

2/. Carry a Bus road map. They are everywhere for 40 baht & buses are plentiful. 7baht on the red buses & small mini buses and 14 baht+ for the air con ones.

3/.Try using the sky-train. I think the Thais are afraid of heights as not many seem to frequent the sky train. It's  clean, safe & quick especially if going from Silom to the end of Sukhumvit Rd. Its well marked and you make a change if going to Silom Rd from say Sukhumvit. On the plus side its faster than a cab or bus. However one regret-- there's no toilets.

4/.The old story: if you get accosted on the street by male or female intent on helping you, be careful-- they will most certainly lead you to a Jewelry scam shop or some other place. They will even make you laugh & know your country or town or are a medical student in their last year of study; or collecting for the Emergency fund, Say no. Besides, exploring yourself is part of the fun & who needs company during the "day's shopping spree".

5/. Yes! don't be afraid to try the world's best food. Thai food is delicious. When you see a place full of Thais then give it a try as the food will be safe.

6/. No you don't need to drink the tap water as bottled water is everywhere from 5-10 baht & 7/11's are everywhere 24 hours a day.

7/. Carry money as you  need it. ATM's are everywhere & why lose your money when you needn't have carried so much in the first place.

8/. Only use safes in respected Hotels & not in guest houses. Remember they can zap your card then slip is back into your safety box & this happens in Khao Sarn Rd.

9/. If out late  at night try not to wear too much gold especially travelling outside Bangkok. You never know who is taking a shine to your jewelry kit & Thais simply love gold and in 2009 more robberies in beach resorts like Pattaya occur.

10/. After all that you'll want a beer but if you are with a bar girl drink your drink before you go to the "John". Always watch your bottle being opened including a water bottle as it does happen here where you may fall asleep right at the bar & wake up minus your wallet 10 hours later. Caused by pills being dropped into your drink. Even a full bottle of water can contain drugs.

11/. Be yourself & leave your attitudes at home because Thai's love to smile. They want you to do the same as well and enjoy their culture because really in more ways than not  we have lost ours in the West!  

12/. Don't bring jumpers and jerseys to Thailand. Clothes are cheap here and best start a new wardrobe once you arrive. However come January it can get cool at night especially in the North. Use the fan trains etc during this time.

13/. If you take a girl back to your room from a bar be careful and keep your valuables well hidden. Ask the price first & keep your money in a safe place. Never carry a lot of money around with you & do not show off. A lot of Hotels now take the girl's ID card & will write her name etc down in case she disappears on you.

14/. Wanting to buy a business or need business help -- its FREE ask us

15/. When you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport go to the departure on the 2nd floor & walk out to a waiting taxi then you won't have all the touts. As a Taxi drops someone off you hop in. If late don't go on tollway. If staying at Sukhumvit use the tollway. The trip should cost 350+ baht on the meter if traffic minimal. As at May 2009 many cabs will turn off the meter and ask you for 400 baht. Thats Ok as only a 50 baht tip if going thru the tollways and to nana Soi 4 Sunhumvit. If not they may stop and throw you out on the highway??? Keep the main shit as the taxi stand will already give the butt to the driver and try to remember his cab number.

16/. Remember all hotel entrances, bus & train stations, temples etc have loads of touts ready to take your dollar & nothing is a bargain. Tuktuks will charge you 20 baht all day---thats rubbish..

17/. If going trekking up North don't book accommodation or Treks in Khao San Rd. Its dear & not what you think once you arrive. Cheap is cheap-- want to catch a nice bus to Chiangmai go to the Northern Bus station & book on the Nachonchair Air Bus. Great service, drinks, 32 seaters & comfort. They have their own terminal & most leave in afternoon & early evenings

18/. On trains and buses do not accept food from people you do not know. Drugs are easy to knock you out & you could find your trip short lived because of it.

19/. Hey, but don't let all this deter you. Such things do occur but it won't happen to you cause you just read the rules & now you know. Chok dee Khruup & enjoy your stay in "the land of smiles"..

20/. Avoid all TOUTS on street corners, outside bars, gogos, massage parlours etc who hand you pretty brochures & cheap prices. This is a trap to lure you If no cover charge check the bill first even before you drink your drink. Avoid touts, The linger on street corners.

21/. Most bills are placed in jars in front of you. If not check your bill cost before you drink. If a problem leave. Sometimes staff need more salary and add extra drinks and or have 2 bills. Signs that display 50baht for a drink may in fact change once inside so check your bill for each drink before you drink.

22/. When paying with a 1000 baht note make it be known --hold it up or display it and say loudly 1000 baht as many times in bars the staff will say it was only 500baht and the Patpong gogos are reknown for this.Try to attract other foreigners attention as well to avpoid an altercation. make sure you have enough money to cover your bar bill???all the time..

23/. If in doubt DONT GO MAD or the bouncers may pounce on you. A confrontation is not worth your life and some foreigners have been shot or stabbed for a small altercation that wasn't really worth the money.??? In Thailand not one but many will bounce on you?? Talk loud if other foreigners about and always call the Tourist Police 1155.

24/. Stay at good hotels who have security and who vet those who go in and out. Some Hotels like Nana Hotel have security on all girls who go upstairs and this is a safeguard against girls drugging or robbing there men freinds.

Don't forget if you want more info about what to do when you reach Bangkok &Suvannabhumbi Airport  then just write to us:

We haven't finished yet. There's more coming on what to do and where to buy in Bangkok. In the meantime have a look at the bars perhaps. Wherever you go the most important thing is to have a good time. Besides that's what life's all about............

There are many bucket shops (Travel) on Khao San Road.  It is a hole in the wall but their prices were the best on Khao San Road. Service is great.


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