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We are selling the best FIRE FIGHTING HELICOPTERS

AVAILABLE from Russia.

Mi-14 amphibian (After repair and of modernization


General characteristics

•  Crew: 4 •  Length: 18.38 m (60 ft 3 in)
•  Rotor diameter: 21.29 m (69 ft 10 in) •  Height: 6.93 m (22 ft 9 in)
•  Disc area: 356 m² (3,832 ft²)

•  Empty weight: 11,750 kg (25,900 lb)

  •  Max. takeoff weight: 14,000 kg (30,865 lb) •  Powerplant: 2 × Klimov TV3-117VM turboshafts, 1,454 kW (1,950 shp) each


  •  Maximum speed: 230 km/h (124 kt) •  Ferry range: 1,135 km (705 mi)
•  Service ceiling: 3,500 m (11,500 ft) •  Endurance with max fuel: 5 h, 56 min
Price: $US 7 million dollars  

 Made in Russia's Republic of Tatarstan, the Mi-14 is preparing a return to the Russian Navy. The Mil Mi-14 is a shore-based amphibious helicopter armed for the armed forces has options: a torpedo, twelve 64kg or eight 120kg depth bombs. This submarine killer also had very special ammo in its arsenal: a 1 kiloton nuclear antisubmarine bomb weighting 1,600kg, that could disable & destroy underwater targeta in a radius of 800 meters. The helicopter can stay airborne for 5.5 hours and cover a total distance of 1,100km. It beats any western made helicopter.


Oil platforms, coastal areas, between the islands, fire-fighting and able to land on water.

1.  SPECIFICATIONS OF THE BASE HELICOPTER1.1. Features of the helicopter`s design
The Mi-14 PZH helicopter with two turboshaft engines TV3-117VM of 02 series or TV3-117VMA-CBM1V and with the main gearbox VR-14 is intended for operation in sea coastal areas, between islands (between a platform and a land) and in land areas.
            Application variants:
•           transportation version;
•           rescue version;
•           for extinguishing of forest fires.
Unlike widely known helicopters Mi-8, Mi-8MTV (Мi-17-1V) and Mi-8AMT (Мi-171), the bottom part of a fuselage of Mi-14 helicopter is executed in the form of a boat.
The floats are inflated by a crew to facilitate the landing on a water-table as well as automatically from the pressure gauge behind the engine compressor in case of engine failure.
Landing on a water-table is possible:
•           From a hovering mode;
•           With forward speed at working engines, including at refusal of one of engines;
•           On an autorotation mode at refusal of two engines.
The Mi-14 helicopter is equipped with the system of emergency plum of fuel which is used in emergency cases if horizontal flight of the helicopter is not provided with one working engine, at refusal of other engine (reduction of flight weight due to fuel draining).
The main aggregates of a power-plant, transmission and carrier system are unified with helicopters Mi-17, Mi-8MTV (Mi-17-1V and Mi-172) and Mi-8AMT (Мi-171) helicopters.
During modernization, Mi-14 PZH (fire-fighting version) helicopter will be equipped with TV3-117VM engines of 02 series  or TV3-117VMA-SBM1V engines (with take-off capacity of 2500 horsepower each one, thus the specific expense of fuel – much more lower than on engines TV3-117-VM). During the installation of TV3-117VMA-SBM1V engines on the helicopter the start height will be – 6000 meters, working capacity of engines – up to 9000 meters (for comparison you can see the table No. 1). The APU Ai-9V is established on helicopters for starting engine operation at height.
For loading of the helicopter with overall cargoes, the entrance door on the left board of a fuselage increases twice: 1.4 meters х 1.7. meters (there is a possibility of loading with europallet). The tail rotor blades with the increased chord are established on tail rotor for improvement of cross-section controllability at height. During the modernization of the helicopter the weight of the empty helicopter decreases by 800kg.
The modern equipment is installed on helicopter in order it can fly at the international airlines.

1.2. The main geometrical data
1.2.1.   Length of the helicopter                     18374 mm
1.2.2.   Height of the helicopter                      5332 mm
1.2.3.   Diameter of the main rotor                 21294 mm
1.2.4.   Diameter of the tail rotor                    3908 mm1.3. The weight and balance data
1.3.1. Take-off weight:
-           Normal                        13000 kg
-           Maximum                    14000 kg
1.3.2. Maximum-permissible heaviness with respect to a rotor shaft axis is:
-           bow heaviness             + 300 mm (ahead of a rotor shaft axis)
-           tail heaviness               + 30 mm   (ahead of a rotor shaft axis)1.4. Capacity of fuel tanks
1.4.1.   Fuel-consumed tank l/kg         445/346
1.4.2.   Boat l/kg                                 3350/2600
1.4.3.  The general capacity of l/kg     3795/29461.5. The main flight operation characteristics of the helicopter
1.5.1. The maximum instrument speed:
-G NORMS. = 13000кг                     230km/hour
-G max. = 14000кг                             220km/hour
1.5.2. Cruiser speed of flight:
210 km/hour
205 km/hour
1.5.3. Economic indicated air speed
At G norm. and G max.                      130km/hour
1.5.4. Service ceiling:
-G norm. = 13000 kg                          3600m.
-G max. = 14000kg                             3100m.
1.5.5. Operational range of flight:
- G norm. = 13000kg                          970km.
- G max. = 14000кг                            930km.
Note: the basic flight operation characteristicswill change towards improvement at installation of engines TV3-117VM or ТV3-117VМА-CBМ1V.





The LOI [ Letter of Intent ] must specify :

1/. Who your Company/website is with stamped/signed?

2/. That they or the parts are not destined to any terrorist org or 3rd country to Ukraine?

3/. Who/country will issue End user Certificate?

4/. Your requirements-total numbers, spares, upgrades, etc wanted

5/. PLEASE NOTE: Approx budget setting: most buyers of these helicopters will know what they want & their approx budget? This will be based on TTSN/ & Out-of-phase components. This is now important to receive a reply on requests for helicopters.

6/. If we can supply we will require a holding deposit before FULL information is given out. This is refunded if the sale is complete

7/. WE NO LONGER SUPPLY US or UK companies with HELI PARTS designated to these countries including some EU countries & all countries who have participated in sanctions against Russia.

8/. Wanting PARTS for helicopters please use spread sheet with part number; item; how many; etc. including the serial numbers of the helicopters. No action unless we have a proper parts setup & model of helicopter. We no longer sell for military applications


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