The main 3 cut price THAILAND DISCOUNT airlines are 

Orient Thai Airlines, Airasia  and Nok Airlines

with others: Bangkok Airlines; Phuket Air. 

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 NOK AIR  Thailand. Offices at the airports in Thailand. Tel: 1318  Overseas tel booking: 662-900-9955  Owned by Thai airlines and using 737s  is always on time and perhaps the best of the bunch but costs change dramatically and some cities are serviced by Thai Airlines. The air hostesses tend to overdo the talking side of things but you do get seat allocation; no drinks, no snacks etc unless you pay and overall excellent. However they do have more than required staff at the pay in counters but then thats better than one? & check in is quick. They do charge you to change your ticket or flight up to 1000 baht?  Can pay by Visa or mastercard and at 7/11s. However the price on the Internet website is never the same at the airport counter so be prepared and best use a credit card to transact your flights. As time ticks by the airfare increases all the time so the best idea is book on the net. Always have a slot at the terminal to disembark. Check in closes 30 minutes before departure, baggage 15kgs only;535 baht fees to change flight one day before but as we have said we were charged 1000 baht at the airport. Name change 4 hours before flight incurs 535 baht fee & no refund on ticket is the downside.  JULY 2006 are the dearest cut price airline in Thailand. Some of their flights are run via Thai Airlines and the prices can be anywhere up to 2300+ baht one way Chiangmai= Bangkok. AUGUST UPDATE 2006: BUT you can choose your seat if buying your ticket via internet; No stampede to get on the plane and they stop right at the terminal. Good regular times and they seldom change & the backpackers tend to go for the other airlines. For those with Companies obtain a form from any Nok agent to fill in for your tax rebate. It takes 1 week or so to get the invoice receipt back. Our favoured airline. Depending on the flight you go there are cheap deals 1700 baht CM -Bkk. Hostess service good but the prices are dear for drinks etc and check on the flights of the day. Nok is our favoured airline and as at October 17th they land at the new airport in Bangkok. For those Company execs wanting tax invoices just fill out the form available at any counter and hand in with booking number and your details and they do send out within 2 weeks as they say. As at October the best airline still. December 2006: Ok to fly to Don Muang and Suvannahbumi airports as at March 2007.June 2007: Nok is now flying to India and but around the 20th June their CRS on the Internet collapsed & one could not make a booking adequately. This lasted as far as we know for a few days. In the event this happens it is important to ring them. This was an inconvenience by NOK. October 12th 2007 had a 6 hour delay at Don Muang to Chiangmai. and on 24th October the 9.30pm flight was postponed to 10.30pm upsetting a few passengers. They do EMS you and reschedule this service but it is not good for business if commuters have schedules to keep. We have had further reports of delays with Nok Airlines but overall the service is still good. More Thais tend to fly on Nok now due to the One 2 go crash..November 12th 2007 Nok Airlines are about to start a service for frequent flyers with upgraded seats and lounge etc. This will be good as many seats are empty in Biz class and for travellers who commute between Chiangmai and Bangkok and other detsinations.We certainly welcome this as a good promotion.Nothing happening in December with this new promotion and think Nok has gone to sleep on this. December 2007 Compare your flights with normal Thai Airways as you could save money. As seats fill up Nok puts the prices up. Jan 2008 they have still not initiated their frequent flyer program on hold???? You may like to compare Nok prices with Thai prices as sometimes their airfares are higher & Thai does have a special late at night eg. 9.30pm flight to Chiangmai if seats are vacant. Nok has overseas leases on their planes until may this year so they use their own leased staff as well. hence a Wet lease. Some flights are delayed out of Don Muang but otherwise they are Ok. However check the fares with Thai Airlines now as they compare favourabley with that of Nok plus you can get the miles off Thai Airlines. FEb 2008: using older 737s on wet leases. One plane had the pilot window blown out in Feb this year. Be aware also flights are not on time on the Bangkok/ Chiangmai routes.


ORIENT THAI AIRLINES:  Click on the logo to book:    Call Centre Bangkok : 1126
Others : (1141)-1126  
Address18 Ratchadapisak Rd. Klongtoey Bangkok 10110.Tel :66-2-2294260 Fax :66-2-2294278-9 Ticket & ReservationTel :Bangkok :  1126  Others :  1141 Ext. 1126   E-mail  :

  MARCH 2006 Started off with 747 Boeings & still have a few but  but now have Boeing 757-200s and MD- 82 planes. They tend to change their schedule so it pays to check on the website. Service at the airports is good with 2 offices at Chiangmai airport OK & when they use their number allocation but on peak periods can be a problem and many people fly them. On time --- no way so if youre opting for an overseas connection or alternate flight at your destination do not take this airline. They have had a delay for 4 hours and the worst is from the Bangkok departure as they have to wait for planes to come in and change. On the good side they allocate seats, give you a snack & drink as well and the aircrew are great as with the hostesses. Pilots are from all over the place and we have experienced a middle eastern pilot who said nothing throughout our flight and one begins to wonder if he could even speak English. All planes are chartered and not sure about their maintenance? It is a good airline if not in a hurry and they have a good discount. No slot at terminal to disembark so must catch the bus. Baggage: they throw your bags out of the plane so do not put breakables onboard. We sent a computer to Bkk with Fragile stickers on it & told the staff what it was. It got there in pieces even though we told them it was a computer and they put in the grey bin???? We actually watched them throw the baggage out of the plane as testament when we arrived in Bangkok??? JULY 2006 are still using the MD plane and 757s OK. the fares are a little higher than Airasia but they do have seat allocation & still throw your bags out and into the planes. Now and again they will cancel a flight if not full but ring you and offer you an alternate flight. No airport slot so you go to and from the airport via a bus which can be overflowing. The hostess service is good. AUGUST 2006 You never know when they are leaving so check frequently as they will cancel and change the times of your flight. It happened on the 29th Aug to friends who had to wait 6 hours for their flight to depart from Bangkok to Chiangmai ---not good it you have a tight schedule. However its the only airline cut price that give snacks and drinks and their baggage now they have fragile as we had a computer sent to us on this flight --a lot better than before. SEPTEMBER 28TH all budget airlines now at the new airport Bangkok. January 2007 they have 747s plying the Bangkok -Chiangmai route @ 2200 baht an this airline is getting better but service is very good. Also wish to return to Don Muang airport --great news if they succeed. June 2007: Have increased the number of planes flying and more routes and they also fly into Don Muang airport now. September 17th 2007 DISASTER One-Two-Go Airlines MD-82 The budget One-Two-Go Airlines flight was carrying 123 passengers and seven crew from Bangkok to Phuket when it skidded off a runway Sunday while landing in driving wind and rain, catching fire and engulfing some passengers in flames as others kicked out windows to escape. 89 people, including 53 foreigners, were killed in the crash, and 41 others were injured. The crash was Thailand's worst air accident in a decade. Kajit Habnanonda, president of Orient-Thai Airlines, which owns One-Two-Go, said wind shear — the rapid change in wind speed which can impact takeoffs and landings — was a possible cause of the accident. Heavy rains could have contributed to the plane skidding off the runway, Kajit added. At least four Americans were among the foreign tourists killed and one survived the crash. As of today the Airline numbers are down and people are avoiding this airline. As of September 2007, the OneTwoGO Airlines fleet consists of aircraft 3 Boeing 747100, 1 Boeing 747200, 3 Boeing 747300, 6 McDonnell Douglas MD82 and 1 McDonnell Douglas MD83. The airline has indicated they are not at fault and it has been reported that windshear was responsible. There are now legal suits against the airline and Boeing pending. December 2007: The website wasn't working right and not so many flights. January 2008: You may like to compare Nok prices with Thai prices as sometimes their airfares are higher & Thai does have a special late at night eg. 9.30pm flight to Chiangmai if seats are vacant. One-Two-Go Airlines is on the watchlist of aviation authorities and subject to more stringent safety standard certification, following a near-collision with another commercial aircraft on Dec 15. Still reeling from the Sept 16 fatal crash in Phuket, the budget carrier faces fresh image problems related to the competence of its foreign cockpit staff and reliability of its ageing MD-80 jetliners. [ Read more about this ]


One-Two-Go forced to suspend

operations for nearly two months

BANGKOK: -- Low-cost carrier One-Two-Go will suspend its operations from July 22 to September 15 2008 , making it the first airline victim of record oil prices. Founder and CEO Udom Tatiprosongchai said the unrelenting rise in oil prices had forced the airline to shut down temporarily. During this period there will be a reorganisation to prepare for a return to business. "The company has been losing money for months, and we cannot continue like this," said Udom, adding that One-Two-Go would resume operations when the situation improved. Two of its rival, Thai AirAsia and Nok Ai, are still in service but facing the same cost pressure. Both have revised their business strategies and rescheduled some routes. Udom said One Two Go had been operating based on actual costs while other players had different strategies. In a statement, One Two Go said high oil prices were hurting the global airline industry.

Airlines world-wide have cut 30 per cent of their flights and raised surcharges to stay in business. One Two Go was the country's first low-cost airline, starting its service in December 2003 with a Bangkok-Chiang Mai flight.
It ran into trouble when one of its planes crashed in Phuket, killing 90 passengers. Rumours abounded that it could face regulatory problems due to its safety record. Udom declined to comment on this issue. Relatives of the victims in the Phuket crash have started a web-site, to campaign for an investigation into Udom's business conduct.

It was alleged that Udom had misled pilots into flying unsafe planes and paid bonuses for those who worked beyond the legal maximum of flying hours. Chaisak Angkasuwan, director-general of the Civil Aviation Department, could not be reached for comment yesterday. --The Nation 2008-07-19


AIR ASIA  TO BOOK click on the logo to book:    Call Centre: Thailand+66 2 515 9999. Office in Tesco On Nut Bangkok.  March 2006 Partly owned by the PM of Thailand Mr Taksin (although belief he sold out his shares) & this airline has 737s and Airbus 320s and flies all over Asia. The worst thing is they only have one ticket staff in Chiangmai at the booking office which is a pain if theres a cue and they do not allocate seats so its a free for all to get on board. Don't bust yourself as theres always isle seats & you will get a seat as they do not overbook & those who rush to get a window seat will be last off??? beats me why they run to get on first. No frills means just that so no drinks or food given out but you can buy drinks etc for the 1 hour flight CM - BKK.  Many times they do not have airport slot so you have to catch a bus to the terminal. The costs are relatively cheaper than Nok and OK. It is a good airline to fly apart from the no seat allocation. Check in 45 minutes before departure so don't be late & no later than 30 before to board. 15 kgs luggage allowance, JULY 2006  is the cheapest airline for cut prices and there online service is excellent. No seat allocation still but. They do get the odd airport slot now & hostess service very good.. AUGUST 2006 they have some cheap deals to Malaysia but you need to book well in advance. We feel this service is cattle class as its still a rush to get on the plane & heck knows for what as those that go on first are usually the last off. The preferred backpacker plane & often booked. Drinks and eats are dear. However great deals to KL & other outside destinations but you must pre book.  You can also have Credit card AirAsia if you have income over 80,000 baht per month. Their new flights started on the Sept 25th to Suvarnabhumi Airport & they have  airport slots  E, F1 & 4 at the passenger terminal so no buses from the plane to the terminal which has been a drag.  OCTOBER 28th 2006 If wanting a Company receipt for flights you must ring them then wait which can take ages especially as the phone lines are always clogged up. They will then redirect you and want you to send a fax to them. You cannot get a form like Nok at the counter or give your company details to the ticket office anywhere so the system is terrible. We have waited for over 1 month for trips taken 3 months ago and finally after ringing and a fax we have satisfaction from Airasia.  DECEMBER 2006 However if you want a CC from them the criteria is pretty difficult and they are not that good on the help desk?? Airasia is the backpackers preference with still no seat allocation; no preferential seating for business people and regular commuters tend to stay away from this airline. January 2007 they want to stay at the new airport. June 2007: If you book on the net then find out theres an error and try to rebook you may find that you will get 2 or 3 bills. They also take there time to give refund and business people still have to phone in if they can to get tax receipt -- you may have to wait on the phone. Their prices have also increased and rated No3 or cattle class airline by us as still no seat allocation nor seat preference. They have also move to Don Muang airport.Oct 2007: some passengers have reported thefts from baggage on this airline. However they are consistent in their schedules and on time. Airasia have new ropute to Langkawi Malaysia, Schenzen China and more flights to Chiangmai and Phuket. On Nov 5th a new route Phuket to Singapore and Bangkopk-Rayong in mid Nov 2007. They also will have a new Airbus A320 in Nov and have planned for 40 A320s within the next 3 years.


Now offer cheap airline tickets and you do get tea/coffee and snacks on the domestic routes plus air miles. The prices are a little higher than the others but better planes.


AIRPORT TO AIRPORT TRANSPORT: No worries theres a bus service that leaves Don Muang regularly for transit passengers to Suvannabhumi airport as well as a mini bus Van service that also goes there. Just go to the entrance at arrival lounge or ask the airport information. Avoid the touts who may accost you or any taxis drivers --there are con men. At the new airport the authorities have been able to curtail the touts inside the airport and rogue taxi drivers but in December they are back again by the doors so watch out and do not accept rides from these taxi cabs. Go to the taxi stand and tell the counter where you wish to go. They will give you chit. You pay 50baht extra on top of the meter price for taxis.

SGA Airlines CHIANGMAI TO PAI THAILAND , SGA Airlines operate our flight at Suvarnabhumi international airport 4 th Floor, counter D23, D24 Thailand's first commuter carrier, is doubling the number of flights on its Chiang Mai-Pai route to four a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout January to cater to increasing travel demand in the holiday season. As well, the airline yesterday began offering four flights a week between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son: on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The flights are served by a 12-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan propeller plane. General Aviation company limited : Marketing department
19/18-19 Royal City Avenue Block A
Rama 9 Road., Kwang Bangkapi
Huay Kwang, Bangko k 10310
Tel. 0-2641-4190 fax 0-2641-4807
Email :

Destination Air SHUTTLE  22/9 Airport Road, Maikhao, Aumphur Talang, Phuket 83110 Tel + 66 76 328638
Fax + 66 76 328598
  E-mail :   Seaplane shuttle service from Phuket. Thailand.

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BANGKOK: 138/70 17th Floor, Jewellery Center Nares Road, Bangrak , Bangkok 10500, Thailand Tel 662- 267-2999 Fax 662- 267-3216-17 Tickets & reservations 66-2-2673210-5   E-Mail


Thai Airways. (TG) 89 Vibhavdirangsit Rd. or 10900 485 Silom Rd. Bkk 10500. Ticket airport: 535-2846/7; cargo: 535-3150/1 reserv: 280-0060; 628-2000ticketing:234-3100/1 Fax(02) 513-0203
Phuket International Airport Office Phuket International Airport 2nd Floor Room DH227, Maikhaow Rd., Amphur Thaiarng, Phuket 83110 Tel 66-76-351238, 66-76-328620, 66-76-328621, 66-76-328623, 66-76-328624 Fax 66-76-328581 Tickets & reservations66-76-351238, 66-76-328620, 66-76-328621, 66-76-328623, 66-76-328624 E-Mail Chiang Mai International Airport Office Chiang Mai International Airport 1th Floor Suthep Rd., Amphur Mueang, Chiang Mai 50100Tel 66-53-922197 Fax 66-53-904729Tickets & reservations66-53-904720-728E-Mail CHECK IN AT COUNTER NO. 17-18

Chi Chiang Rai International Airport 404 Moo 10, Rimkok District, Bando Amphur Mueang, Chiang Rai 57100Tel66-53-793555 Fax66-53-793041 E-Mail

Hat Yai International Airport Office Hatyai Internation Airport 99 Village No.3, Sanambin Panij Rd., Klong Hoi Khong District, Songkhla 90115 Tel 66-74-240169 Fax 66-74-227286Tickets & reservations66-74-250911E-Mail
UDON THANI AIRPORT OFFICEUdon Thani Internation Airport 1FL. Tumbun Nadee, Amphor Muang, Udon Thani, Thailand 41000 Tel 66-42-249 249 Fax 66-42-249 489 E-mail

Dragon Air (KA
37/52 Montri Rd., Amphur Muang, Phuket  83000

PHUKET AIRLINES Co., Ltd. 1168/102 34th-B Fl. Lumpini Tower Bldg. Rama IV Road. Thungmahamek. Sathorn. Bangkok 10120. Thailand.
Tel. (662) 679-8999 (10 Line) Fax. (662) 679-8235-6 E-mail :

Phuket Air, began to two destinations in the Southern provinces of Thailand namely Ranong and Phuket with Boeing 737-200. Since then, they have expanded route structure and will continue to extend sectors to cover more domestic and international destinations. Fleet includes additional jets as well as a new turbo-prop aircraft.











Chiang Mai

Chiang Rai

Chiang Mai





Mae Sot


Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai



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