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For sale we have

For sale we have three Mi26 Helicopters for sale

all base in Europe. All three helicopters are civil registered and therefore have no limitations for such use.






Mi26T as per BELOW 1500TT hours for sale

In addition w e have 5x Mi26T for sale so please email us for expressions of interest. LOI & your estimated budget & end user country must be sent to us otherwise we will not respond

Selling price includes repaint, maintenance books, log books and manuals & FULLY COMPLIANT


General characteristics

  •  Crew: Five– 2 pilots, 1 navigator, 1 flight engineer, 1 flight technician •  Capacity:
•  90 troops or 60 stretchers   •  20,000 kg cargo (44,090 lb)
•  Length: 40.025 m (131 ft 3¾ in) (rotors turning)   •  Rotor diameter: 32.00 m (105 ft 0 in)
  •  Height: 8.145 m (26 ft 8¾ in) •  Disc area: 804.25 m2 (8,656.8 ft²)
•  Empty weight: 28,200 kg (62,170 lb) •  Loaded weight: 49,600 kg (109,350 lb)
  •  Max. takeoff weight: 56,000 kg (123,450 lb)   •  Powerplant: 2 × Lotarev D-136 turboshafts, 8,500 kW (11,399 shp) each



  •  Maximum speed: 295 km/h (159 kt, 183 mph) •  Cruise speed: 255 km/h (137 kt, 158 mph)
•  Range: 1,920 km (1,036 nmi, 1,190 mi) (with auxiliary tanks) •  Service ceiling: 4,600 m (15,100 ft)
Price: $US 15.5 million dollars [ See pic above ]



Due to NEW Russian factory rules on procuring aircraft parts/helicopters in Russia we need an LOI from your company wanting spares/aircraft before we proceed with offers & prices. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING

This is now demanded by all Russian manufacturers.

The LOI [ Letter of Intent ] must specify :

1/. Who your Company/website is with stamped/signed? AS WE WILL CHECK.

2/. That the SAID HELICOPTER'S OR parts are not destined to any terrorist org?

3/. Who/ which country will issue End user Certificate? [ No reply if you not send to us]?

4/. Your requirements-total numbers, spares, upgrades, etc wanted

5/. Approx budget setting: most buyers of these helicopters will know what they want & their approx budget?

4/. If we can supply we will require a holding deposit before information is given out. This is refunded if the sale is completed

5/. No exceptions so if you cannot comply please do not write to us.





MI-26  The general Type & biggest helicopter in the world - the Heavy military-transport helicopter Firm - ОКБ him. M.L.mile Year of the beginning of designing - 1972.  Crew - 5.    No of passengers - 80. The size of the helicopter is Length, 40.02 metres;  Height, 8.15 metres & Diameter of the main screw, m - 32.0.   Diameter of the second screw, m - 7.61.  


Weight of the helicopter: The maximal take-off weight, kg - 56000 Weight empty, kg - 28600 Carrying capacity, kg - 20000 Power-plant  2 ТВД Д-136 capacity, h.p. - 11400 

Firm - Progress Летные the data The maximal speed, km/h - 295 Cruiser speed, km/h - 255 Practical ceiling, m - 6500 Static ceiling, m - 1800 The maximal range of flight, km - 800  Перегоночная range of flight, km - 2000



The MI-26 consumes 2,850 to 3,500 litres of fuel per hour
The Mi-26T helicopter unique abilities allow to use the helicopter in various versions:
Mi-26T assault-transport helicopter
Mi-26T assault-transport helicopter is designed for transportation of wheeled and non-wheeled

Capacious cargo cabin allows to carry large-size materiel and cargoes weighing up to 20 tons
inside fuselage.


Loading of the helicopter is performed through cargo door in fuselage tail section. Cargo cabin is fitted with electric winches and monorail motor hoist device, which provides transportation of cargo along the cargo cabin and unloading cargoes weighing up to 6 tons. Electric winches and monorail motor hoist device control is done from control panel.
In order to provide large-size cargo loading, clearance adjusting system is envisaged. The helicopter can be re-equipped into assault version within a short time. The helicopter in assault version is able to carry 82 fully equipped troops at distances up to 800 km.

Medical complex on the base of Mi-26T
The helicopter in medical complex version is able to carry 60 sick persons on stretchers installed in cargo cabin with 3 medical attendants. In airborne mobile container hospital version, Mi-26T helicopter is designed for delivery within short terms and deployment of field hospital containers to remote and hard-to-access for other transport means areas of disaster. The installed equipment allows to provide immediate first aid on the aboard the helicopter (on ground or in flight), and subsequent evacuation of casualties to stationary hospitals within maximum short terms. The medical complex provides:
• immediate delivery of doctor team with necessary medical equipment to hard-to-access
areas of disaster;
• providing casualties (sick persons) with first aid performing re-animation and intensive
therapy measures aboard the helicopter (on ground and in flight);
• immediate evacuation of casualties directly from disaster areas to stationary hospitals;
• autonomous operation of the medical helicopter (on ground) on non-equipped sites.
Medical complex composition:
• re-animation module (container) is intended for placing seriously wounded persons and
performing re-animation and intensive therapy measures (on ground and in flight);
• evacuation cabin is intended for placing casualties on stretchers and performing intensive
therapy measures (on ground and in flight);
• rear domestic compartment is intended for providing casualty care(on ground and in
Main characteristics: Evacuation capacity, persons
• on stretchers=60
• in re-animation module (on stretchers)=7
• in evacuation cabin (on stretchers)=32

Medical personnel 3 - 7
Cargo cabin overall dimensions, m
• length12,1 • width 3,29 • height 3,17






MAKS is an international airshow held at Zhukovsky International Airport,

the home of the Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovsky

Air Shows 2018 - Europe 

Air Shows 2018 - US & Canada 

Air Shows 2018 - Rest of the World

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