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we have NEW MI-8MSB Please ask us. These helicopters are similar to the NEW Mi17 -171 helicopter.

Due to the Russian special military operation Ukraine the sale of Russian helicopters & parts will no longer be available for sale to some countries in the West including any countries who have sanctioned Russia & all sales must be from direct customer bases accompanied by EUC? All helicopter sales are now for civilian use or Government use ONLY & strictly monitored. We do not facilitate any sales for military applications only civilian applications & all parts wanted must be accompanied by EUC Certificate & S/N of the helicopter. NO EXCEPTIONS. For helicopter sales EUC must inspect


ATP-- cooperates with many helicopter factories  in Russia, and abroad. We  coordinate with foreign aviation companies and businessmen.  We can offer you the Russian helicopters BRAND NEW 2015 Mi-8MSB cheaper than the Mi17 Mi-8T, Mi-8MTV (Mi-17), Mi-34, Mi-26, Ka-32, Ka-26.You can buy from us both new helicopters and helicopters after restoration. We can also assemble  helicopters you order.We sell used and new Russian helicopters & deliver direct to you or you collect.  All NEW helicopter sales we invite you to visit our manufacturing  helicopter factory. We can execute your order for you either in Ulan-Ude or in Kazan. We can deliver to you via heavy lift plane to your country. We accept applications for repairs and sales of your helicopters.We sell used and new Russian helicopters & deliver direct to you or you collect.  For this purpose you will need to inform us how many persons will be in your delegation. Those wishing to make new purchases must send copies of their passports for travel abroad as all factories are military installations. This takes approx 2 weeks to seek approval then you are allowed to view and discuss your buy.We can deliver to you via heavy lift plane to your country. We accept applications for repairs and sales of your helicopters.


The Mi-8 is  the most famous of Russian helicopters, and around 12,000 Mi-8's were built. It is one of the most successful helicopters of the Soviet air industry.24 June 2005 1ill marked the forty four years since the first prototype V-8 flew  and  exported to over 60 countries. It has outlived its maker Mikhail Leontievich Mil (1909-1970). The Mi-8 is a turbine-engined derived from the Mi-4 'Hound' for civil & military applications and first flew in 1961 in its 'Hip A' prototype form with a four-blade main rotor powered by a 2,012 kW ( 2,700shp) Soloviev turboshaft. It was replaced by the 'Hip-B' prototype with a five blade main rotor and two Isotov TV2-117 turboshafts. The first production model was the 'Hip-C' that introduced Doppler navigation and provision for heavy armament used in the defence roles. After the first prototype, the second had two TV2-117 turboshafts (1962) and a new five blade main rotor (installed in 1963) and finally came the start of the series production in 1965 first only at Kazan and five years later in Ulan-Ude.

The Mi-8 is an excellent assault and utility transport helicopter and, is still built in its upgraded Mi-17 form with an uprated powerplant of two 1,454 kW ( 1950 shp ) TV3-117MT turboshafts. Russia's armed forces stopped ordering the  Mi-8 in 1990 and the production became dependent on foreign customers.  Modification from Kazan saw the Mi-17MD feature: meteo-radar, an integrated system of radio-communication and navigation, GPS, Nightvision, HDD etc.

The Ulan-Ude factory yearly output is still far from that of the  1980's when 30 helicopters were produced monthly. Specifications Powerplant: two 1,270 kW (1,703 shp) Isotov TV2-117A turboshafts Dimensions:length 25.24 m ( 82ft 9.5in); height 5.65m ( 18ft 6.5 in ); main rotor diameter 29.29m ( 69 ft 10.5 in ) Weights:take-off ('clean') 11,100 kg (24,470 lb ); MTOW 12,000 kg ( 26,455 lb ) Performance: max level speed at 1,000 m (3,280 ft ) 260 km/h ( 161 mph ); service ceiling 4,500 m ( 14, 760 ft ) Armament: this is carried on two outriggers extending from the fuselage sides, and comprises four launchers each carrying 32.55mm ( 2.17 in) rockets.More than 12,000 Mi-8 (NATO codename Hip) multi-purpose helicopters have been produced, with more than 2,800 exported, and they are operational with over 50 air forces worldwide. The Mi-8 can carry up to 36(Mi-8MTV-5) troops, weapons (Mi-8MTV) such as UB-16,UB-32,Falanga Anti-tank missiles, used in combat for the first time in the Middle east during 1973-74 by Syria & the Mi-8MTs were used in Afghanistan, along with Mi-17's. They have also been used in  Angola, Chad, Mozambique, and Nicaragua and between Iraq and Iran, Ethiopia and Somalia, India and Pakistan, Peru and Ecuador, and in former Yugoslavia.


We can now offer buyers new Russian helicopters.

1/. Helicopters Mi-34 New - The Mi-34 or "Hermit is a two/four-seat light helicopter with a piston engine. It first flew for the first time in 1986. The Mi-34 is competing against the Polish turbine-powered Swidnik SW-4 as a replacement for  training helicopters. " [ See specifications ]

2/. Helicopter Mi-8 MTV (Мi-17) - New. Manufactured in  Russia at either or factories. Helicopters can be made depending on a wish of the customer at Ulan-ude the Helicopter Factory (Ми-171) or at the Kazan Helicopter Factory (Mi-172). At the time of purchase of helicopter you can specify your own V.I.P. Interior, manufacturing made at our Moscow Helicopter Factory -. Payments made at the conclusion of the contract of sale and purchase. Delivery to be made during one month after payment.

3/. Helicopters Mi-8MtV (Mi-17)  - after major overhaul. Cost changes depending on year of release and updating. we quote. Payments it is made on the fact of the conclusion of the contract of sale and purchase. Delivery to be made during one month after payment.

4/. Helicopters Mi-8MtV (Мi-17) New - with a new glider and the basic units after the first repair. On these helicopters we have guarantees in place & distributed to all new helicopters. The given machines as against helicopters after major overhaul, have a full complete set and the equipment for ground service. The helicopter can be completed to the customer specs. Assembly comes at the end on the expiration of three months after signing the contract and receipt of the first payment. The stayed sum shares on payments. Last payment is made on the termination of assembly.



Very few brand new and/or factory overhauled MI-17 have been offered for sale. Most significantly, however, new air law chapters have been introduced in Russia this year, and the law requires from now and onwards that end user must be disclosed at the very first stage even to allow primary inspection of aircraft. Apart from  the listed helicopters you can get through our company helicopters we can obtain most  helicopters from any Design office in Russia new and/or overhauled MI-171/MI-171, we do need an official written request from any end user specifying which aircraft is needed and in what condition/specification. We need that the request is printed on official company letterhead and duly signed/stamped. If the inquiry is not possible directly from an end user, WE CAN make it on your behalf . Without this written request for purchase from any end user we cannot proceed to organize technical inspection and further negotiation with aircraft






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MAKS is an international airshow held at Zhukovsky International Airport,

the home of the Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovsky


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