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The Tuk-Tuk was first manufactured in Thailand in the 1960's. The first rickshaw appeared in Bangkok in 1871 till the samlor (meaning three wheels) came along.  The samlor was  a 3-wheel bicycle or a similar form of transport with 3-wheels that was ridden by Thais & is still seen in Chiangmai.  A driver would sit astride a bicycle whilst the passengers sat at the rear under a canvas roof.  As petrol powered vehicles became more popular the numerous samlors present on the roads began to cause increasing congestion and health hazards so the samlor stopped in the late 1950's & replaced by The Tuk-Tuk a motorised samlor which is still in use all over Thailand today

The Tuk-Tuk is built by the factory to meet your specs and there are various combinations of one vehicle that we can make from various forms of a taxi, vans, flatdecks, utes or just an open top trucking tuk tuks. The vehicles are built from a steel frames whilst the taxi versions have either a steel hard top or retractible canvas roof and can be reinforced with safety roll cage if you want.  They are niow used in Thailand to promote guesthouses and hotels and are a good hospitality utility vehicle and can promote your product lines or business anywhere in the world. Tuktuks have been around for many years and are common on the streets of most Asian Countries for ferrying passengers. Most taxis are designed to carry the driver and up to three passengers though larger versions can can up to 8- 12 people. 

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We can paint to your specs and if in the hospitality industry can have your logos painted on the side as an additional extra but cheaper than to do in your own country. Tuk tuks are now being used by many Hotels to take their guests to and from main roads to Soi's (streets)and are a great promotional vehicle for any Tourism business in any country

Refer: Tuktuk A100

We are pleased to offer you our quotation as below;

Additional Cost (If Require)






Adjust to Automatic Gear




Installation Gas LPG




Installation Gas NGV




  1. Free logo plant 3 spot/Available to pick color
  2. Free Pre-design before place an order
  3. Free spare wheel
  4. Free waterproof canvas


Shipping Cost


Loading Items

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CNF Vancouver






Tricycle Tuk Tuk Model ATT3

2 Unit

4 Unit




Tricycle Tuk Tuk Model ATT6

1 Unit

2 Unit



Term and Condition

  1. Payment Term : T/T 50% in advance and balance after finish order.
  2. Delivery Time : 45-60 Days after deposit payment.
  3. Validity Price : 15 Days after sent quotation.
PAYMENT:  We require 50% deposit when ordering & balance of 50% when ready to ship. Please tell us your port of entry country and full address details when you order. Prices are subject to change according to your specs and please check your end for compliance & for duty and what you need. We cannot do this from Thailand.   CAN MAKE TO YOUR SPECS ANY TUKTUK with combinations etc to -12 passengers;  EXTRAS:  Safety belts, front brake disk, rollbars in all models, LCD, DVD or stereo can also be installed & any safety features for your country like lights, horn, safety features, etc for your compliance. Logos--signwriting-colours extra

Refer: Tuktuk A101

When writing state port of entry and country please so we can work out shipping for you.

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