THAILAND  & CHIANGMAI TOURS with Chiangmai Golfers Club run by foreigners with Thai /Eng /Japanese thai speaking  trekking guides. Whether for business, pleasure or fun we have cars, bikes, & guides for every occasion & taste to suite your budget. Tel (00-66) 0816722346 or Chiangmai: (00-66) 053-204329 . We all speak English

THE BEST BUSINESS OPTICAL, DENTAL  PRICES IN CHIANGMAI Our Travel Office is is at Chotana Novet, Chang Puak.  






If  you feel you have a better deal elsewhere then we will match any other  Tour company or do better than that. Just ask us. in association with CHIANGMAI GOLFERS CLUB TOURS. VISA RUNS == ELEPHANT BOOKINGS == SPECIAL TOURS ==MOUNTAIN BIKES == ECO TOURS  == CAR & BIKE HIRE == BUSINESS GUIDES  == SHIPPING HELP ==WE CATER FOR EVERY FOREIGNER WHETHER ITS BUSINESS OR TOURS. Tel 01-9527812 now





TOUR 1J: BUSINESS sourcing products, factory visits, meeting owners including lunch & refreshments. Khun Ju will take you to any factory of your choice and assist in packing ; offering you quotes to ship your goods and basically handle everything for you. Price includes P.O.A 

TOUR 2J: SPECIAL WOMENS BUSINESS TOUR visit the tailor, silk factories, garments, handicrafts, temples for a 1day or half a day excursion with our only woman guide. Please tell us what you want in advance and we can organize everything for you. P,O,A.. 

TOUR 3J: SPECIAL WOMEN'S TREKKING. Woman ONLY will take part on the exciting venture out in the country with Thai woman guide.We have many tours and can tailor make just for you. half and half, Try a trek while visiting clothing factories etc.  P.O.A. 

TOUR 4J: SPECIAL WOMAN'S tour of hot springs, Chiangrai, Mae Sai, & the Golden Triangle, Mekong River. Lunch &refreshments on this all day tour & buying in Mae Sai the border of Burma. P.O.A. 

TOUR 5J: DENTISTRY. Visit the only Dentistry Hotel where crowns cost only $US100 and where there has been no reported AIDS from dirty utensils. Highly recommended if you have the time to sight see & have your dentistry work done all
from the same premises. Khun Ju will pick you up and take you to the best clinic in Chiangmai. Save money and let us help you. P.O.A. 

TOUR 6J: OPTICALS. From Guy La Roche to St Laurent your tests are FREE & takes 5 minutes using the latest high tech computers available with glasses a fraction of Western Prices. Bring your old ones for new lenses & we guarantee to
send them back to you. Normal lenses in one day & by-focals take one week. P.O.A. 

TOUR 7J: NIGHT CLUB a night on the Town see the fascinating Kratoey show & Simons cabaret to the night clubs & places of your choice. Guided by our foreign guides or Thai guides Khun Ju. We can show you anything you wish to see and again pick up, guide you and you will enjoy a lovely night on the town in chiangmai . P.O.A. 

TOUR 8J: GOLF. Play on Chiangmai's best golf Courses and enjoy your game with a choice of courses. Caddies are included & all refreshments and Transport included plus dinner. Play every day on a different course P.O.A.


2500 baht all day & 1500 baht half day. I will take your anywhere in Chiangmai or North Thailand.


Thai cuisine Cooking Course at your place 1-2 days session..all dishes, schedule and arrangement are totally up to you. cooking in a fun and inspirating Thai ways for westerners who have passion in Thai food. Make your stay in Thailand more enjoyable.



Thai massage for 1 hour 150 baht 
Herbal Massage for 250baht 
Foot massage for 250 baht 
3-4 day lessons P.O.A.


If you want to attend the Oldest Traditional Thai Massage school you must book. This school is the oldest one in ChiangMai and have 2 classes per month. You can book via us. 10 DAYS STARTING AT THE FIRST OF THE MONTH OR MIDDLE OF THE MONTH. 9.00am to 4.00pm daily. On completion you receive a certificate on Thai Massage from the Dr Shevaga Komarpaj foundation. This also allows you discounts with their health service.

Why not learn to cook Thai style learning everything from buying to actual cooking. 1 day classes with English speaking teacher you go to the market to buy the ingredients then cook and eat. You receive a cook book at the end of the day & learn all dishes & ingredients at Chiangmai's origional and first cooking school. There are longer courses if you have time tailor made to suit you. [
Thai Cooking course ]


We have our own Thai Female driver Khun Ju who will show you around Chiangmai at your leisure. Free pick up IN OUR new TOYOTA VIOS & delivery anywhere either at your hotel, guest house or airport & also includes any of our tours. This includes being taken to the Dental clinic or opticians; eat at the best value for money restaurants in Chiangmai; oversee your exports, pick you up anywhere and deliver you to your Hotel. Khun Ju speaks English, is honest and will bargain the prices for you. Look after her and of course she will make your stay pleasant. At night if you want to go to night clubs she will guide you.

Half Day = 700 Baht Full Day 1200 Baht.  Per hour 200 / 250 Baht

Vehicle & Motorcycle Hire: 

Suzuki Caribbean's, 3 door with 4 seats & large rear side windows.......................Prices 750 baht (according to
season ) 

Toyota & Mitsubishi saloons, 4 door............ 1200 baht day. 

Honda Dreams.......................................... 100-150 baht per day. 

Other models P.O.A. We arrange cars direct to you including all payments etc. Make sure you have a current International License, copy of your passport main page & TM card page (entry), deposit if you don't leave your passport. We arrange everything for you & deliver to your Hotel complete with Travel road map & details for your journey to assist you. 

EXPORTING: [ Agents for Overseas importers ]

Whatever you buy we will send for you and arrange all shipping, packaging, & freight forwarding on your behalf to your home. We recommend items over 1 cubic metre to transport by LCL (lower than container levels). Up to 10 kilos & 25 kilos DHL by special boxes in 3 days to your door. Our marketing business can assist you and also any ongoing business throughout Thailand. 



Carry a copy of your passport & your passport & always carry your credit cards & passport. Watch out for touts- if someone talks to you in good English beware!! Examples: "I'm a law graduate learning temple life"; I've been to your country, Do you want to see a buffalo fight or how they make gems ??  Never trust safety deposits in Guest Houses. If they cannot produce a TAT license do not use their services. Maps are cheap & remember touts hang around temples, bus and train stations & airports. Use common sense as Thailand is a fun place.


Our tours also include free pickup and delivery to ChiangMai Shooting Club at the 3rd development Battalion. Here you have the choice of shooting with handgins calibre being .22, .38, .45, & 9mm pistols right to shotguns, air guns for the children etc. Totally safe Go to [ Shooters Club ] & book with us. 

You can choose from the 300 other Guest Houses and Hotels of your choose. Just ask us! 


[ Thailand Travel News ] [ MORE TOURS ] [ MORE 2/3/day TREKS ] [ WHITE WATER RAFTING ] [ COMPLETE TRAVEL GUIDE ] [ Golf Tours ] For women and husband wife tours & visits to the Dentist, Optical, & womens only treks + Business in Chiangmai exclusive THATS US.




The Top Real Estate website with buying guide for Thailand Try Check out Green View Home ownership, land for sale for retirees, buying guide & more right on the Golf Course   


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