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as at October 2014     


At last count there were approx 450 Bars in Chiangmai- & loads of restaurants too many to count as they continue to grow. However these ones are old as at 2002 and have somewhat been replaced as in 2014 but the Chiangmai Golfers Club is still running and you can view more if you wish to join a great bunch of expats who live and have retired in Chiangmai or just arrive on holiday. They have been around for many years, know the dos and don'ts so if you want honest advice ask these guys or us of course [ Golfers Club Chiangmai & Links ]


AUSSIE CAFE was in Tywang Rd opposite the Prince Hotel. It Opened 7 days a week back in 2002 but has now gone and run by another Aussie in the old moat area. Visa Runs to Mae Sai were every Sunday and Wednesday in the Golf Club minibus & Ric Cameron from Aus was the delegated driver. The visa runs attracted expats and those who wanted to play golf. Open to everyone who wanted to go to Mae Sai and return in the same day. This was started by Aussies Rick, Mark Ellenden and Tama Ruru from NZ who advertised the Golf Club on this website and the Chiangmai Trader News. Cost was 650 baht and you booked via Ric. Mark & Tay were excellent at PR and we had good meals and interesting folk and lots of expats. The Aussie Cafe run by Ray Symonds is now behind the Top North in the moat area but not associated with the Chiangmai Golfers Club any more. The 10 year anniversary was held in 2014 April


DARETS HOUSE: (Thai) still the favourite restaurant for backpackers and the cheapest foreign/Thai food in town. Right on the moat opposite the old Montri Hotel this meeting spot also has reasonable rooms for rent. Extremely friendly and honest Mr See who runs Darets has been around for many years with his wife now and they also have a Travel Centre . Very safe for foreigners & they offer great advice. Mr See is also a lawyer?? and knows Chiangmai like no body else so feel free to ask him questions.


GIBUS FRENCH RESTAURANT: Located on Khaemphaengdin Road behind the night bazaar and up from the Mae Ping Hotel GIBUS had an excellent night buffet all you can eat for 199 baht but this has now changed as at 2014. This French restaurant run by Alain Besson & his wife is one of our favourites and well worth the visit. Alain is another long time expat that will assist any foreigners. The wines are the finest from all over the world and is one of the oldest foreign owned restaurants still around. Their buffet has homemade traditional french dressings and flavourings fit for the best and the decour outstanding and host very friendly. A nice menu to go with it but a must for travellers to visit and eat


JERUSALEM FALAFEL now called Olive Tree : was run by Zahavit (Israeli) on Moon Muang Rd in the heart of the old city. Thai & Vegetarian food, home made cakes, Israeli food, and catering service and pita breads but had a good following of foreigners and expats and the food was fresh and nice. A good meeting place for the expat community and a favourite with backpackers. 29/7 Moon Muang Rd, A Muang, Chiangmai Tel: Cheap & recommended (053) 271-196  Open 11-3pm then 5pm till 11pm as at 2014




LOI KROH RD has many restaurants but Chiangmai has changed with many coffee shops and restaurants too numerous to name.

NIGHT BAZAAR: Have excellent but expensive restaurants and for the tourist best stay away from these places on Changklan Road unless you think it suits you.

THAPAE RD: Has a good assortment of restaurants worth trying from Art Cafe at the corner and as you walk up towards the river you have JJs on the left and Ratana's Kitchen further up worth a visit.

Montri Hotel or Hotel M on Moonmuang Rd or 2-6 Ratchadamnoen Rd was always the favourite meeting place in the old city and large outdoor restaurant

NIGHTCLUB: Blue Moon Night Club & Cafe, Moon Muang Rd Tel (053) 278-818, 279-178, 277-139 modern atmosphere, located in the heart of Chiangmai with over 30 years in the game.

DUKES over the Ping River 49/4-5 Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd, Watgate. Tel: 053249231 is a must for pizzas and the great American meals and is a favourite haunt for the Americans. Open 11am till 10.30pm

MADDOG on Moonmuang Rd is an expat hang out run by Yorkshire expat Nick who is still there and has good meals as well as expats. Try their pizzas or roast meals and worth a visit clean and tidy

Take a long-tail boat ride from the city to the north into the countryside and seenice restaurants & pretty lights l on the Ping river. Its quiet at night & unconjested. The Boat landing is at Wat Chai Mongkol, Charoen Prathet Rd., opposite Alliance Francaise.  Mae Ping River Cruise, Tel. 274-822, 810-292. Or try a Thai dinner cruise leaving from Nawarat bridge every evening from 7:30pm. Tel. 01-885-0663, 01-884-4621 or go to the Riverside Restaurant..

(Chang Klan Rd.near the Ping River & Narrawot bridge.) 
Chiang Mai is the shoppers market ! IThe Night Bazaar has everything you want but can be a little pricey. bargain down to approx half of what they start out at. Clothes to fake everything and fake Rolexes to handicrafts, clothes and food. Try wararot Market during the day which is down the end of Chiang Moi Rd one way to the river. Great and cheaper than the night bazaar for clothing.

A must if you haven't had Moo Katah then youre not eating? Theres one on Soi 17 Nimmanhemin Rd which was the first one in Chiangmai with 2 stories and has all sorts of foods for you to cook. Then now theres a big one on Huay Kaew Rd past Hillside 4 condo. Another is on the NE outside of the moat. They have everything including desserts, salads, seafoods etc and so many dishes to choose from--worht taking the family and cook on your own BBQ.

STEAK BUFFETS: Then we have steak buffets and you gotta try these as they are cheap. They cook the steaks: chicken, pork beef & sometimes fish non stop then out they go onto trays. Then you take as many as you want to eat & help yourself to salad, fries soups, gravies.etc and eat as much as you want for. BROWNIES has been around many years and located on Charoenrat Rd, Faham near the tourist police. Around 100 baht all you can eat? Tel 053 306-667.

BEST LUNCH BUFFET: Try the Empress Luncheon for 200baht at the Empress Hotel. Great they have sushi and many Thai and foreign dishes plus desserts and cakes and fruit. Value for money.



Best Girl Spots: 

Sayuri Complex over the Ping River left by Good View & Riverside Restaurant -- then you need to take a right turn has girls for short time massage, spa pool & whatever else at 1500 baht up but they will charge 2000-3000 baht if you are a tourist so best ask an expat at Mad Dogs. The best place in town this complex also has, cabaret, food, massage, karaoke and other interesting events & is an excellent stop over while in Chiangmai. Ask any.Tuk Tuk to take you there although best to avoid them as they will try to jack the price up at the complex. Try to speal Thai as it always helps?.

Spot light a go go. 47 Kotchasan Rd Tel: (053) 276-012 Open 9pm to 2am. English speaking hostesses and dancers on stage will delight and entertain you. You can take them home for 1000 baht & bar fine of up to 450 baht b utr watch out for them wanting lady drinks which will hike your bill.

Foxy Lady owned by Dan Foxman the USA guy its in the night bazaar and a nice looking place to check out..

President Hotel: has girls for entertainment. Cost between 1200 baht and 1800 baht.


Thailand is very liberal when it comes to the gay life. Katoey ( transvestites ) are in all walks fo life and are not discriminated like other countries. Thailand is a haven for gay people with no problems.

Adams Apple Club, 132 Soi Viengbua, Chotana Rd Tel(053) 220-380 fax: 221-340 one sto entertainment venue for men. Resto, karaoke,massage, minimart etc. Escorts by appointment. Open noon to midnight.

Circle Club  161/7-8 Soi Ewawan, Chotana Rd. T. Sriphoom. Tel (053) 214-996. Light music, polite hosts, friendly atmosphere. cabaret show every weekend at 10.30pm. Open 8pm to 2pm.

Darling  Wine bar & wine shop opposite the Rincome Hotel. Nimmanhemin Rd. Tel (053) 215-167  (01) 672-1167 Importers of fine Australian wines & also from Chile this tastefully done out bar in the famous Nimmanhemin stretch of road in Chiangmai. The previous owner from Switzerland passed away and now its under new management.

The Coffeeboy 248 Thoong Hotel Rd. Tel/Fax (053) 244-458 has Lanna Thai surroundings, dancing show and a cabaret.

Fan Club  161/108 Chang Puak Rd Soi 4 opp bus station. Live singing by handsome hosts. drinks,& shows start 11pm. Open 7 days 7pm- 1am daily.

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