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BANGKOK TRADERS re an experienced Thai/ foreign managed offshore outsourcing team in Thailand with over 25 years experience in offshore outsourcing, offshore manufacturing and manufacturing facilities in Thailand. Our Company director is a qualified BSc Design Engineer in the field of plastics and engineering from laths to roto & double injection molding to intricate machine parts manufacturing. He is involved in one of the USA largest builders tools production n Thiland. We have excellent knowledge of the offshore manufacturing and assembly of products from automotive parts, plastics, machinery parts, engineering design work to even consumer products but specialize in outsourcing for clients inventions and factory product lines that are too expensive to produce in ones own countries.

Bangkok Traders offshore manufacturing is based in Thailand where most of our staff are based. Our Thai staff are experienced professionals in the manufacturing & design engineering field and we can find the manufacturer we believe has the best technology, facilities, knowledge, experience and background to make, assemble and produce a particular product for our customers on time. We have our own storage facilities, packing facilities assembly facilities right in Bangkok and ship our own product lines. Most of all our delivery times are always on schedule as our QCs are overseen by our western partnership experts. We have strict rules with our manufacturers by way of contracts and deadlines and penalty clauses so we make sure our clients will not lose. All products produced comply with ISO 9002 specs and the country specs requirements of each client before we set manufacturing in place.




We are fully aware of copyright and the rights of our clients. We do sign confidentiality contracts which are applicable under Thai and International law as we are a registered Thailand Company. This ensues all products made on behalf for clients are yours and yours alone. We work for you and only you and specialize in long term relationships



If you have a product you want made in either Thailand please send us information on your requirement, including as many details and specifications as possible and we will respond to your inquiry. We work in Autocad and also Excel, Photoshop but pictures of your design will also help us for quick response.



Outsourcing in Thailand we can buy outright raw materials, components and products from Thailand . We prefer to offshore outsource products that are exported to foreign manufacturers and distributors on a regular monthly basis and this then ensures a long term relationship. Since offshore outsourcing of reliable manufacturers of products in Thailand is time consuming we make sure our clients receive exactly what they order when they order. We do not charge for our initial time unless the work is complicated and requires special service technicians that we do not have. As an offshore outsourcing Company in Thailand we only work for you the client and we set contracts in place regarding costs and our commission costs plus times and specifications on the work to be made. All shipping is sent across the board and we obtain the best rates possible for you. You can compare anywhere with our rates but rest assured we will offer you better than most the best rates possible.


We offer you the customer additional services. We can provide you with trained staff, office equipment and office space in Bangkok and or Chiangmai for any overseas offshore services requirements. Therefore you can have a standing presence in Thailand complete with customer service, a marketing base, sales & service or administrative Office that can be used by your company from a computer based service business right here in Thailand, Asia. Outsourcing offshore services in Thailand is a great way to manage your costs by having us as a trusted partner in Asia who is always looking after your interest. Let us know how we can assist you.

We also ship and send via courier samples on request. We use the worlds main shipping companies especially with Maesk Sealand and NYK Shipping lines. We can buy direct from any supplier in Thailand. In this capacity we would place the order directly with the supplier and the supplier would make a direct shipment to you. Some companies require minimum orders but you bypass the middleman if you are our customer. Basically we negotiate the price and a charge a per commission rate for our services which you may find better than if you purchased yourself. We can secure ex factory prices for our customers. We ship LCL and FCL container loads and have experience in this field for many years.



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