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New this year kitset homes, Offices, sleepouts, sheds, to homes your design with our Company

right to Council specs. Australian owned kitset homes made in Pattaya

by Kabinworks.




Welcome to our NEW "Gian Pacific Homes" relocatable fully weather proof homes from Thailand. "Gian Pacific Homes" are solid steel construction ribbing /or aluminium sheeting/ able to withstand Category 1 & 3 all weather storms, cyclones and and we can make to your specifications. Can be moved via truck and ideal for mobile Offices, granny flats, mobile shops, schools, apartment motels to anything you wish to imagine. We can incorporate any features you wish including storm steel shutters to windows; OR bullet proof for UN & field Offices for armies. Ideal disaster relief homes or plain living quarters. Each unit comes complete with full international approved electrical fittings; caravan type outside connection or with splitter box inside and each unit has a fully functional new air condition unit. The outside ribbing is made of toughened steel and these buildings are virtually maintenance free with low pitched roof. They can be moved in an instance by helicopter or truck & they can have any additions one wants. Totally robust and strong we can incorporate any fittings and fixtures you want

We can design for you earthquake & storm foundation specs for countries prone to cyclones etc. We can incorporate any features you wish including storm shutters for windows and doors.

We are looking for sales worldwide steel roof, aluminium ranchslider & windows & tiled roof with verandah.



 We can make an Office or anything for you. 

     Ideal motel /backpacker units for a fraction of the building costs in the West. We can also outfit them with baths, showers etc

Ideal retirement outside home at a fraction of the cost of building your own. totally stylish for all situations & applications

 Ideal for Mobile Offices (base container that we rebuild fully insulated). Can move anywhere in an instance.

 Any colour any construction material, solid, strong and totally weatherproof fully insulated against the elements.

 Lovely styles to choose from or send your specs and we will make on your behalf.

 All outside ribbing it steel construction & our aircondition unit is standard mounted on steel framework.

 Roof to floor windows exactly how you would want with canopy rooftop. Easily transportable.

Aluminium no maintenance windows (any size) and venting systems on top right hand corner.

 Plumbing features we can incorporate kitchens, toilets and washbasins & baths to your specs.



 . All you do is pay via TT to our Bank and the shipping company will arrange to deliver to your property and country.

Many designs: Cheap reliable, robust & value for your dollar.




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