Wanting to buy any machinery from mini excavators to earthmoving equipment then let us act for you. We are Registered Export License holders and can buy and act on your behalf to purchase and send to you the equipment you want. We have the foreign expertise from NZ / Thailand / USA to buy at auction or yards here in Thailand & source the best equipment to suit your means. We can service before sending and paint to your requirements anything from all makes and models of excavators, rollers, bulldozers, scrapers,  forklifts, front end loaders etc --- you name it we can get it and arrange the export for you. We can source machinery you want at cheaper than home prices.



WHAT WE DO: Source the machinery you want. Inspect on your behalf, test it, take photos for you and give you an assessment report on each machine before the auction starts or if buying direct report from the seller. Offer you costings for repairs here if needed. Buy on your behalf at the price you should pay with ceiling price that benefits you & you agree. Oversee all service work needed & parts replacement plus paint in your colours with signage before shipping. We arrange all the necessary shipping to your country FOB ---ROR or Bulk.

PCD20 motor after our refurbishment ready for export. We check machines, change new sprockets, rollers, hydraulics, etc and offer clients complete backup services on DHL 2 days delivery or airfreight/sefreight using our own [ shipping services ]



WHAT CAN I BUY: Anything you want from bulldozers, excavators, rollers, scrapers, cranes, machinery of any sort: all makes from Caterpillar; Komatsu, Hitachi, Takeuchi; Samsung; Kobelco, Hough, Terex you name it we can get it. Remember Thailand has an enormous selection of machinery and parts to match.

DO I NEED TO ATTEND: Not at all but if you want to attend an auction then we can also act on your behalf or arrange the necessary shipping direct via the auction to your destination. This way you know what youre buying. Our set costs are 15,000 baht attendance (one charge only) to arrange everything for you but if buying direct you will have to pay the auction registration fee of $US10,000 but we can assist you to send direct via the auction or via us if we help you purchase elsewhere. We can arrange accommodation and take you to the auction and generally look after your purchase and you. What better way to do business.

WHAT IT COSTS: Auctions in Thailand require foreigners to pay a deposit of  400,000 baht so as we are a Thailand Company we still pay costs but we oversee until the necessary work is completed either at the auction or elsewhere. If you attend yourself you do receive your money back if you do not buy & Thailand auctions are well conducted and the best in Asia. We do charge a nominal fee up front once we find the machine you want as then we carry out the  initial assessment.  We attend the auction and charge 10% on the sale price & VAT as our costs. This is still minimal & cheap to what it would cost you to attend and sort out the paperwork. We have the right people in the right places for servicing your machinery & are a Registered Export Licensed Company as well so we can ship cheaper than most again saving you money. Need more info then write to us with your requirements.

WHAT ELSE WE OFFER: if you are a roading earthworks contractor then we can sell you direct from our factory roadside barriers in orange and white & also cones for redirecting traffic. If you need protective jackets or jerkins we can get you as well.

We are looking for customers for our small PC10- PC40 fully refurbished machines for export with back up parts. If youre interested as at Sept 2012 let us know. Min purchase is 4 x machines per container. The PC Komatsu -6 models are heavy duty manual machines in high demand. We specialize in Komatsu machines up to 4 tonne.

    Cones we have 2 sizes 50cm 199 baht each & 70cm cones = 280 baht each. No minimums required per each. We can sell min 50cm 1000 pcs cones for 155 baht.  

See barriers & specs ] Prices  we quote min FCL 20ft to your country.


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To give you an idea of prices at Thailand largest auction Centre which will sell around 1000 machines per auction and more. There are too many items to list but this gives you an idea of what Thailand has and what Thailand can sell to overseas buyers. [ SEE AUCTION PRICES ]

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