DuPont has earned more commercial and OEM approvals than any other manufacturer. When you choose DuPont, you get more than paint. You get the industry benchmark for color appearance and gloss. While some manufacturers make similar claims for their finishing products, only DuPont™ Imron® has a proven history of durability, high quality and innovation. The DuPont Centari paint is used in body shops throughout the world since it first came onto the market in mid-1980s. It is an incredibly versatile material that promotes high levels of gloss retention, fast application and excellent edge-to-edge color matching. The extensive range of reducers available for the Centari range means that the product is ideal for professional use inside a paint booth or for amateur use by air-drying. Manufactured as an acrylic enamel product, DuPont Centari paints should be sprayed and cannot be used for immersion purposes.


DuPont™ Centari® 5000™
Topcoat (MR quality) [ Read more ]. An easy to use, fast drying basecoat with excellent fill characteristics and a nice paint to spray cars and trucks etc. Totally designed to work with conventional undercoats.It goes on easy, dries quickly and is available in a wide range of colors, Makes this the ideal single stage finish for your vehicle
WE SELL 500ml 1 litre to 4 litre tins of made up spray paint. Min orders so please ask us made to your spec colours.

Costs per 1 litre is 1400baht excluding shipping & Acrylic Thinners we sell by the 15 litre drums for 1500baht per drum. Dupont paints are the best in the world. The automotive grade spray Dupont Centari Acrylic enamel paint builds nicely and glosses much better than normal spray paints, plus it’s much more durable.

Centari Acrylic enamel spray ;paint products are a long-lasting paint for cars, rods, commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers and fleets – everywhere durability and performance are expected. Centari provides excellent flexibility, a high resistance to humidity and weathering, and very good chemical and abrasion resistance. Centari can be applied over all DuPont primer systems and utilized where others cannot. High quality urethanes and enamels are good paint. Lacquer and Dupli-Color are NOT good paints to use by the car and auto sprayer. Lacquer and Dupli-Color require full buffing of the car to achieve a gloss whereas quality urethanes and enamels do not.

Lacquer requires you to sand between each coat of paint, and may require 3 - 7 coats to achieve hiding because you're sanding between coats. In addition, lacquer paints are notoriously brittle. Lacquer was discontinued by DuPont around 2004 because it is an inferior coating. Lacquer does not meet the higher standards required for paints in the automotive industry today. High quality urethane and enamel paints are actually easier to apply than lacquer based paints. They are also more forgiving to the user. So if you want a good quality spray paint then use our Dupont.

WE supply house paint to auto paint and export wordlwide.Abrasives, coatings, aerosol paint , aerosol spray, paint tins and plastic buckets whatever brand


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