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June 2005 REPORT:

Chiangmai INTERNATIONAL airport is  about 4kms into the main city centre. It has modern facilities & now has the 3 Discount airlines operating from here: Nokair; Airasia & Orient Thai Airlines. It pays to book especially on weekends and holidays and they do have good discounts. Travel time to downtown is 7-10 minutes and the roads are great now. The airport does have 100 baht airport taxis (white) as they do not allow songtaews or tuk tuks into the Airport to pick up passengers. But if you see a red songteaw or tuk tuk wave him over and you can then negotiate the price. For other flights and international airlines go to  [ AIRLINES ]

   As at December 2004: At long last we are getting metered taxi cabs.??? You can now book the new metered taxis that ply trade on the Chiangmai streets. They cost 25 baht at the fall of the meter and are all new Toyota cars. The Municipal Nakhon Lanna Coop hope to have 300 taxis on the road and as from Jan 11th 2005 they have 14 cabs already painted yellow and blue colours but more arriving by the week. Tel: 01-9520900, 09-9552563, 09-8513708  or Tel 053 271242;  279-291;  We will have picture shortly.

The alternative is to walk outside the main side doors of the airport then take a left and walk to the roadway about 400 metres. Once there turn right (the Wing 41 Airbase is left) and you are on the road to town and normally there are tuk tuks and sontaews hanging around. Price into town by tuk tuk are 40-50 baht and by Songtaew 10-20 baht.



You can take a tricycle (Sam Lor) and Short rides within the city cost between 10 and 20 baht. Longer rides may cost as much as 50 baht but you need to negotiate. They have now been banned in Bangkok and the way the traffic conjestion is building up they may even be a thing of the past in Chiangmai in years to come..

Tuk-Tuks or the  (three-wheeled motorized taxis) are also popular for short and quick rides. The Fares must be bargained in advance but if you want a good tour guide whose also a volunteer safety Officer --- ring us to book or  Mr Piyom who will pick you up anywhere and speaks good English: . Minimum fares are approximately 40 baht but depending on where you are travelling to. Again make sure you bargain the prices. [ Tuk tuk for sale]

The most common pickup truck is the red "See Lor" (literally "four wheel) or "song theao". They all are red-coloured and look like pick-up trucks and passengers sit on bench seats in the back. They pick up as many passengers as they can and drop them off as the drivers reach their destinations. To go by "See Lor", simply tell the driver your destination. Fares range from 10-20 baht according to the distance. If travelling outside Chiangmai eg Sankaempaeng the See Lors are white and on the Doi Saket Road they are Yellow. You can catch these from the Warawot market down by the river.


There are loads of rental businesses operating in the  city of Chiangmai. You can rent cars, mini vans, motorcycles, and bicycles. Insurance for cars is available at most of the major of rental businesses but make sure you check to make sure you have comprehensive insurance as many claim but do not have. Before renting, it is wise to obtain the information regarding costs and claims, plus go over the vehicle for damage done previous and note it. eg North Wheels Rentals has a pre check list for you to sign which is a good idea. Vehicles are rented for a time period, with no limit put on the mileage. The only conditions are that you pay for the gas the vehicle uses and return it safely and on time with full tank again. However check first as some cheaper places there will be no gas in the cars so you do not need to bring back full. Same goes with bikes. You need to deposit your passport as guarantee of the punctual and safe return of the vehicle or photocopy with deposit --do the latter. Have a driver's license, international or from your home country or Thai license, and a clear understanding of the rules of the road before renting a vehicle as the rules are different from home. Most car rentals are scattered throughout the area of the Chang Klan Rd,  Moonmuang Rd, Loi Kroh Rd, Chaiyaphum,and Kotchasarn Rds which is the main part of town plus any travel shops which are many. If not happy with one go to the next or try your Hotel. If you have a party and want to rent an English driver with 12 seater Hiace Van then ask us :


Motorcycles available for rent range from the smaller Honda Dreams 90 and 125 cc Miros and Waves to the larger 200 Honda Phantoms up to 1,000 cc Suzukis, Yamahas, Kawasaki' bikes. The larger bikes have no registration normally so if you have a smash you will be in the wrong.??? your choice. The cost for hiring a smaller bike, such as the Honda Dream, ranges from 100-150 baht and bigger bikes, 500- 800baht per day. If you are renting for several days, ask for discount rate. make sure you wear a helmet including your passenger now or you will get fined. Also lock up your bike when you use. You can buy a good map at DK Bookstore near Loi Kroh Rd or Suriwong Rd Bookshop.                  


Bicycles are economical  to tour the city and cheap. There are loads around for hire but be careful and get a back light if riding at night as the traffic has now intensified in Chiangmai and it is dangerous to ride at night. The old saying better to have steel around you?? Costs range from 25 baht a day upwards to 50 baht. Most Gueshouses now have bikes for rent.          

[ CHECK OUR TRAVEL INFO ]                           



 WE ARE TAT certified License 023-0533  Tel: 01-9527812


BOI Board of Investment a government agency for foreign investment with privileges  Chiangmai International Airport Chiang Mai City Hall District Office Intaworot Rd., 50200 Tel: 053226636 Fax 053217919
Provincial Court Chotana Rd., 50300 Tel 214197 or fax 214755  Export Promotion Centre 29/1 Singharat Road 50200 Tel: 053221376 Fax: 053215307.  Good for export sourcing but not great.  CHIANGMAI CUSTOMS: TEL: 053: 053 277692
Health Office Provincial410 Suthep Rd., Tel 053211048 THAI Immigration 71 Airport Road 50200 Tel: 053277510 Fax: 053270661  visas.  Northern Craft Centre & the Northern Industrial Promotion Center158 Tunghotel Road 50000 Tel:053245362 Fax: 053248315 
 Office of Foreign Trade Airport Road 50200 Tel: 053274671-2   Fax: 053 277901

Police: Tel 053 276-040 or emergencies 199 or mobile Police 191 or Ambulance Police 199 

Tourist Police - Tel: 1699105/1 Chiangmai - Lumphun Rd. Tel: 248974 or 1699 Very helpful to tourists and expats.
 Prison - Chiangmai Central Prison 100 Ratawithi Rd.  Tel 053221231   Fax 053210824.  Woman only here. Visit a foreign prisoner take food, cigs, reading material or just talk. TAT Tourist authority of Thailand  105/1 Chiangmai-Lamphun Road. 50000 Tel: 053248604,7 Fax: 053248605 Chiangmai Taxis: started in Dec 2004 you can now book a meter taxi: 01-9520900 09-8513708  or 053271242;   053 279-291; 053 271-242

      Check your foreign currency exchange rates against the Thai Baht with Bangkok Bank.

2. What 's The Dimensions Of your Car ( WIDTH X LENGTH X HEIGHT ) In C.M.
3. What 's Your Area In Thailand ? ( Tumbol,District etc. )
Where do you wish to send to: main port of entry in your Country
Plus Handling Charges , Documentation ,Customer Clearance , Courier Charge and Certificate of Origin
All Includes = Usd$250. / shipment


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