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If you shop at Tesco Lotus they have the B QUIK car franchise in Bangkok. These guys are good and they will do the work on your car within hours. They will put on a hoist and raise your car then you can ask them to tell you what needs replacing on your car underneath. They will give you a check list of what needs replacing now and also a check list of things you will need to get and even show you. We found them excellent but to date are only in Bangkok. Well worth it as you know they do a good job but they will not allow you to buy parts and get them to fit. If you have your own garage you then have list of parts to buy and you can do this yourself then have your mechanic do -- its cheaper of course but we recommend B-QUIK for instant car repairs. Lets face it in Bangkok and Thailand on the highways you must have a good reliable car and theres many to choose from --just go slow when you choose one but keep away from exotic cars and stick with th Toyotas and Isuzu's..



Prices for MEALS vary on a trip by car up country in thailand. Make sure your car is fully checked before a long haul. The best idea is to stop at the big gas stations like Shell, Esso and Caltex, Jet etc as they normally have safe food to eat. You can gas up and then on your journey again. Be careful when theres not many people eating as you may be eating yesterdays food. A good way is look at the tables and check to see if they have clean tables with napkins; toothpicks etc on each table then normally they are OK--every table menu where they take pride and especially look for cleanliness. Beware if not as they don't care about customer service and check the food if in buffet mode. Again if many Thai people have stopped then its normally a good shop. Some friends stopped at a place outside of Lampang (driving to Chiangmai before the main hill its on the left side past the last gas station before you hit the Elephant camp hill) and exactly what happened --the food looked bad but they had a new coffee shop separate but the gas station was closed now with restaurant next door open. We ordered off the menu but it was expensive & my Thai partner was amazed at how little rice they put on the plate. Notably no serviettes or toothpics on the tables and it was the smallest helping of rice we have ever seen--asked for another one at 10baht for a small bowl???? Things like this you remember and pass on to others not to stop there as the food was atrocious and costly.





You can get a garage to pick up your car or better still if close to houses ask them for help. Thailand have trucks called Slidecars who will haul your car to wherever using a winch. (check our pic below). Most Thais are friendly and will help you store your car until you can make arrangements to get your car fixed. If you have mechanic work on your car watch them all the time as some will change things & theres many back street inexperienced Thais who will doctor your car. We even had brakes changed in Ayutthaya by a bad garage 10 years ago. Put new brakes on a renault car and they stole them at the garage and put dud ones on?. If you have to take to a garage try to get someone who speaks Thai or telephone somene you know to liase on the phone for you. Franchise garages may be expensive but you know the service is good as these guys are A grade mechanics. Again look at the tools they use and if they have many or few & if they are doing a head job ask to see their torque wrench??. If a few get away from them but ask the prices before you get any car fixed or they start dismantling your car. As usual if they are working on cars already then chances are they will be OK but many foreigners have had parts changed on cars or the garages swap the batteries for duds etc so when buying a car make sure you already have a good garage. You even may want to mark new parts on your car. Over the years we have used 4 different garages in Chiangmai and they all have their faults and the main ones are they do not know the cars themselves and very rarely you will see a feeler guage or a torque wrench to tighten nuts?? very essential. NEED HELP CALL US We can arrange any transport anywhere for anything big or small for you in Thailand if you have a breakdown or just want to truck your car from A to B rather than driving it. We come direct to your door and deliver to wherever. FREE QUOTES.



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If staying in Bangkok make sure you list your Embassy tel number into your mobile phone. It may help you



Going to Cambodia:


Poipet on the border be careful as many touts who want to take you to the buses. They wait while the driver is having a snooze or not there then allow you to climb on board take your money –no ticket and then the driver comes along and wants you to pay again. It’s a racket so don’t use touts for shortcuts.

Keep up with news in Thailand and safety aspects; what to beware of and the top stories concerning tourists. Thailand can be safe but there are many Thais who want your valuables the easy way. In hot spot tourist towns like Pattaya the crime on tourists is bad so do not wear or display jewelry and valuables. Email for our monthly newsletter or read below & send your stories to us!!!!!!






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