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Honda NSR 150 SP. The mini bikes that "Rossi" won on before going to Yamaha.  Full Repsol colour scheme. Probably one of the very best examples we have seen. Includes shipping charges, insurance and packing.For show only [ Check out Honda 150 CBR's ] We no longer sell used bikes ONLY NEW.



 HONDA NSR   125R 124CC  12BHP  HONDA VFR 400R NC30 399CC  63BHP
 HONDA NSRR125R 124CC  12BHP  HONDA CBR900CC 893-918CC  122-150BHP
 HONDA CBR    234CC  121 BHP  HONDA VFR 800CC  791 CC 104 BHP

      Check your foreign currency exchange rates against the Thai Baht with Bangkok Bank.




 Honda Terra Nova RS 125 water cooled from approx 38,000 baht. These prices are an indication only for buyers but we do not buy on behalf.  Honda Nova Sonic from approx 27,000 baht
Honda dreams 35,000 baht  Honda Terra Nova from 25,000 BAHT
 We have loads of 2nd hand bikes for sale  the fabulous Honda Dreams from 20,000 baht
 Many of our bikes have low kms on the clocks  Most have low kms
 Whatever you want we can get you. We will full crate each bike LCL direct to you. Allow approx 5 weeks delivery times. WE SELL NEW BIKES AND SHIP FOR CLIENTS ONLY
Honda LSR 125 .Super silver colour scheme. This has to be the ultimate UK learner bike! Can ship under normal criteria to the UK no problem. SHIPPING COST APPROX 20-25,000 bht includes VAT, insurance shipping, packing etc. These bikes are one of the last of the 125 cc series and are made and assembled in Thailand. [ see more pics ]. YOU BUY THEM WE SHIP THEM

Popular Honda Dash 100 cc low kms 



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All shipping has increased & bikes are sent LCL in a container but look at min 20,000 baht 1.5cbm to max 35,000 baht  for 3cbm ( fumigation costs etc ) prices & Marine Insurance to add 2.5% on cost of the bikes. 2 bikes the cost to ship is 50,000 baht plus for all documentation. We quote full costings. Local foreigners wanting to send their bikes we offer free pickup and shipping quotation. Please note we do not sell unregistered Thailand bikes and all our bikes have full Registration unless otherwise stated.  If second hand the plates and papers must be declared to the Transport Dept in Thailand.  You must find out duty and sales tax in your country --PLEASE DON'T ASK US AS WE DO NOT KNOW. All payments TT transfer when ordering  before shipment. Please send port of entry when writing to us & full address details, tel & fax ( THIS IS THE NEAREST SHIPPING PORT NEAREST YOU). We are a registered Thai Company Export License Holder --- so you are covered using our Company.

  BUYING A BIKE: Please ask your Road Transport Dept & Customs IN YOUR COUNTRY to classify the bike you wish to buy. We cannot do this from our end. They will tell you the regulations then send to us and send to us and we will make sure to comply. 


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