The magic Island of KOH CHANG ONCE UPON A TIME UNSPOILED HAS NOW BEEN OVERTAKEN by developments and encroachments. Only some parts remain that are not quite exploited, with white sands unpolluted beaches, fresh fish, sea food galore & warm safe seas.



Slowly getting more and more tourists Koh Chang is now full of building developments that are anything but good looking. Thai developers are building stock pens for tourists who no doubt will never stay in these concrete boxes with no thought to beauty, fauna or contrast. There are however other nice Resorts that abound. Such places as Cookie Bungalows are not what we call a tourist accommodation spot but we do recommend the following. Don't stay at White Sands Beach-- keeping going around the island as its much nicer.

Want a better beach try Hua Hin -- not far from Bangkok & 3 hours by Bus from the Souther Bus Station.

HOW TO GET THERE: (315kms from Bangkok)


From Bangkok you can catch a bus right to Trat then a songteaw for 20 baht to the pier & a one way ticket to Koh Chang which takes 1/2 hour for 50 baht. Do not get a return ticket as each ferry is a different company. Ferries leave every hour in the peak season November through March & every 2 hours in the off season.

From Chiangmai take a Norchonchai Bus at Arcade Bus Station behind the bus station for 550 baht to Pattaya but try to catch a bus direct to Chantaburi. These are 32 seat buses and you receive 2 meals with your ticket, by-pass Bangkok and there are 6-8 buses per day. No buses from Rayong to Trat so don't go to Trat.


Cheap Budget Accommodation: 

Rock Sand Bungalows: overlooking the sea on the rocks but sand beaches either side. A short walk North once you stop at White Sands Beach. 200-300 baht per night with showers. Popular backpackers & has restaurant on the rocks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       KC Bungalows: 26 Bungalows right on the beach, thatched huts Thai style. 80-100baht per night. Food Ok but the dearest banana shakes in Thailand at 35 baht.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          KP Bungalows: 80 baht & 150 baht in the high season, quiet, has a shop and bungalows on the beaches set amongst the palms.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bamboo Bungalow:  19 bungalows Thai style these are the most popular bungalows along white sands done in the style that should be. Klaus is an excellent host and can help you & his thinking is definitely in line with keeping the natural look &  environment.  Has a bar on the beach, excellent German host Klaus & Janphen Schmidtpeter & we recommend backpackers to stay here. 8/4 Moo4 Trad 2300. Tel: (66)01-8296721   (see pic below)   

 Jinda Bungalows: On the right as you arrive at White sands beach. The Fisherman Restaurant is also here and they have nightly fish smorgasboard meals  


Jinda & Fisherman 


  Arlanee Resort:  next to fisherman restaurant is run by a German who hires Honda Dreams at 50 baht per hour. Also you can make Overseas calls 100 baht minute, Collect calls, 30 baht minute, send faxes 100 baht & receive for 40 baht. There are phone boxes being installed on the island. Also bungalows for 150 baht a night.Tel/fax: 01-8295308. P.O.Box 70 White Sand beach, Koh Chang, Trat 23000. Wolfgang & Daret.



Koh Chang Lagoon Resort: Not far along White sands these bungalows are 1600 baht a night with a new Hotel being built. Right on the beach it is popular with European tourists.

Klong Phrao Resort: has an island lake right on the beach. Highly recommended by us with all sorts of facilities from boating to snorkelling. Large bungalows very tidy Resort


BANDU KOH CHANG HOTEL: Highly recommended by us. Built in traditional Thai style but beautiful with full facilities this Hotel has it all right on the beach. has international dishes and seafood cruisine daily & is the only resort with Fishing boat, 2 speed boats for diving expeditions and has snorkelling lessons and in house beach swimming pool right on the beach. All rooms have a scenic view of the beach and the whole Hotel has a tropical lush garden setting. All buildings are crafted in beautiful wood and architectural design and they have everything from VIP rooms to Delux and superior rooms. Our choice of Hotel resort 10% discount with us.



Klong Phlu Waterfall: 5 baht entry. Good eating stalls which don't rip you off. Take water with you as the walk is uphill. Lovely fresh water. You can rent a motorbike for 50 baht per hour.

HIRE A BIKE: or motorcycle and leisurely drive 20 kms on the island. Lots of stops this quiet area is unique for a south seas adventure.


There's plenty of eating places on Koh Chang and prices are reasonably. A whole fish is around 120 baht and meals are around 25 baht upwards with Thai meals and foreign foods available. A set breakfast is around 75 baht and most restaurants have fish meals and seafood which is commonly squid, prawns, fish, mussels, shrimps. Drings are likewise reasonable with sprite and coke around 15 baht unlike any other islands in Thailand.

Muk Hut: New restaurant run by Englishman Tony Sayers right on the beach beside Cookie. Tel: 01-841-4801. 


Koh Chang also has a car ferry. Costs one way is 400 baht. Motorcycles are 50 baht per crossing. Pickup taxis also abound on the island and each trip to the ferry is 30 baht.

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